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EDI, XML, PEPPOL, UBL, PDF, and more. You name the format, we support it.

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Babelway is a next-gen B2B Integration-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform. Babelway helps hundreds of organizations automate cross-company processes enabling the secure exchange of structured and recurrent documents such as orders, invoices, pay slips, reports, payment advice, and much, much more. See how it works.

What we do:

B2B Integration-as-a-Service

Babelway supports many communications protocols including Rest API’s, AS2 and AS4, FTP(s), sFTP, email, SOAP, PEPPOL, RosettaNet. Babelway supports many formats, XML, UBL, Excel, Edifact, X12, VDA, CSV and any custom flat-file formats and more. We guarantee security, unlimited scalability, and first-class performance.

EDI and e-Invoicing

Babelway processes tens of million documents a year for several hundreds of customers worldwide from very diverse industries like retail, automotive, logistics or fintech. Whether you need a robust EDI connection with your customers or suppliers or you just want a single multi-channel solution for all your outbound e-invoicing – Babelway has you covered.

Ease of Use

Babelway is equipped with multiple functionalities such as drag&drop mapping interfaces, message validation, electronic signature, look-up tables, test environment, routing, email notifications, and a catalogue of ready-to-use components. We can do it for you but we’ve designed for our customers to be self-sufficient.

Babelway processes TENS OF MILLIONS of documents
for THOUSANDS of companies.


“Babelway helps us innovate in B2B collaboration.”


“Finally, an enterprise-grade solution with the ease of an online app.”

“Their product and their experts ensure that we’ll have an innovative B2B integration solution, not just right now, but in the years to come.”

Babelway recognized in Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) based on user reviews

You can exchange and transform
documents in any of these




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