Logistics EDI

EDI Transaction codes

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EDI 997

Functional acknowledgment

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EDI 990

Response to a load tender

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EDI 947

Warehouse inventory adjustment advice

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EDI 945

Advance ship notice

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EDI 856

Advance ship notice

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EDI 940

Warehouse shipping order

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EDI 855

Purchase order acknowledgement

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EDI 850

Purchase order

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EDI 846

Inventory inquiry / advice

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EDI 820

Payment order / Remittance advice

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EDI 810


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EDI 214

Transportation carrier shipment status message

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EDI 211

Motor carrier bill of lading

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EDI 210

Motor carrier freight details and invoice

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EDI 204

Motor carrier load tender

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Most commonly used Logistic EDI Transaction Codes


EDI Transaction codes represent the business documents exchanged among:


Warehouse managers



The process

All Logistics EDI Transaction Codes signal a specific business activity or their response / confirmation / acknowledgment.

Documents like bills of lading, load tenders, and shipping notifications summarize these activities.

In the United States, the most widely used format for logistics EDI transaction codes is X12.

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