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Why do you need Babelway ?

Babelway is for you if you think that :

  • You wait too often for the EDI expert and / or;
  • You have no access to information and / or;
  • Your projects take too long


We have simplified EDI! With a new approach, you don’t need to be an IT or EDI expert to do it yourself.
Babelway enables you to cut out the middleman and take control of your EDI.
You are in the driving seat and you can decide whenever our help is needed.

This is the future of B2B integration.

Connect anything or anyone

Get the EDI platform that supports all the B2B connection standards, past, present and future

  • Create a new connection in a few clicks
  • Maximize security with SSL or certificates
  • Route documents
  • Define retry strategies for maximum connectivity

Transform to/from any format

Deal with any format that your partners or systems require

  • Choose from many of file format technologies
  • Build a document structure immediately by just uploading a document sample
  • Choose from an extensive catalog of transaction types or re-use what you’ve previously created

Control your document flows

Get full visibility and control over your B2B Exchanges

  • Trigger notifications to specific users or external partners
  • Access all information and raw data on demand for every document sent or received
  • Correct and resubmit documents from within Babelway
  • Give visibility to internal users or external partners whenever necessary

Manipulate data easily

Apply any operation or logic to your data to solve any integration challenge

  • Move data using a visual drag & drop tool
  • Access hundreds of predefined formulas to manipulate data whenever necessary
  • Define data validation rules
  • Use lookup tables to replace data dynamically

“Before using Babelway for the first time, I had little technical knowledge and experience. However, I found Babelway relatively easy to use. It took little time to start creating mappings and using the platform for investigating different issues. It is also easy to make corrections or other changes when needed. Furthermore, from my experience their customer service is reliable and professional.”

Zheni B., Supplier Integration Analyst

Babelway recognized in Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) based on user reviews

You can exchange and transform
documents in any of these