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What is JSON?

JSON stands for JavaScript Notation. It is based on a subset of the JavaScript Programming Language. Used for data interchange, it is a lightweight text-based open standard so it is easy for humans to read it and even write it. It is also easy for machines to parse and generate. The JSON format is often used for serializing and transmitting structured data over a network connection. It is used primarily to transmit data between a server and web application, serving as an alternative to XML.

Example of JSON document

As explained before, it’s another user-friendly type of document, easy to read and work with (even easier for those familiar with JAVA Script).

Here is how the document looks in Babelway

Babelway breaks down each object and structures the files into a useable manner. This gives you the ability to manipulate the data for easy transformation into other files types. When using JSON files, you can easily integrate your data with the file types of your partners. Since JSON’s uses are so wide, the possibilities for data exchange within your system are great.

Build from sample file

Build from sample file

Create your incoming or outgoing JSON structure from a sample

  • Upload your sample and get it parsed immediately
  • Remove, add, edit segments to customize for strict or loose application of JSON standards
  • Loosen JSON standard validation or, reversely, add custom validations on certain fields
Transform any format

Transform any format

Use simple drag & drop tools to map your IDOC message to any other format for easy import/export in/from your database

  • 12+ formats to choose from: CSV, multi-record text file, UBL, Excel, XML, EDIFACT, etc
  • Hundreds of transformation functions available or build your custom functions
  • Use lookup tables tables to replace data sets
  • Change your IDOC structure without loosing your transformation maps
Connect to anything

Connect to anyone

Connect your Babelway environment using any EDI or non-EDI communication protocols

  • 12+ communication protocols supported including X400, VAN, AS2, SFTP, VPN, etc.
  • Define retry strategies for maximum robustness
  • Get notified and intervene immediately in case of processing or delivery issues

And last but not least:

Get extended support from the experts

Babelway is not only a great self-service platform but also a team of pros ready to help you succeed.

  • Access our support helpdesk anytime and ask your questions. You will be answered as soon as max 60 minutes
  • Spot the ‘reuse and save time’ zone on the right of the screen? Import messages and maps from our catalog
  • Access online training material through Babelway Academy
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“I have to say how helpful Babelway support is. It was amazing how quickly I was getting answers to my questions. Sometimes even at all hours of day and night.”

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