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Babelway is the preferred Peppol Access Point of large companies needing to send or receive Peppol invoices.

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Do you know that Babelway is also the Peppol Access Point (Mercurius) of the Belgian Authorities ?

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What is Peppol?

Peppol stands for the Pan-European Public Procurement Online and it is an open network that enables businesses and governments to exchange standards-based electronic documents. In essence, it is an open and free way for businesses to communicate with each other via a framework that requires minimal interaction between both parties. Unlike other B2B or B2G networks, Peppol leverages standards and a unified registry to enable communication to occur without prior testing or setup.

Anyone who becomes a Peppol participant is publishing their information on the network, allowing other companies to send and receive documents with that partner. A company simply needs to publish which document types they will accept and some identifying information about them to be found by other parties. Then, the sending party can send files directly to the framework. All the receiver identifying information is contained in the document.

Peppol 4 corner model

Peppol uses a 4 corner model

An access point is the way a participant can send or receive documents via Peppol. Some companies are known as Access Point Providers, and offer services to communicate with Peppol participants. Babelway is an Access Point Provider. The Registry (or SML) includes the shared database of identifying information about each participant and the connection details of their access point.

Here’s how the setup looks in Babelway

We created a training course that will teach you all the details about setting up Peppol within Babelway, you can access it here.

The gateway configuration within Babelway is relatively simple. All you have to do is input your identifying values and which document types you accept.

Peppol uses standard documents that participants are allowed to send and receive. There are many options to choose from, but all are based off of UBL standard XML.

In addition to setting up a Peppol gateway, you also have to configure the Message that you will be sending or receiving. This consists of using UBL standard documents and transforming them to/from files that your system deals with.

What is your Project?



Babelway is an access point provider.

When you signup, you become an official Peppol access point.

We’ve helped many entities become access points, including the Belgian government (BOSA DT), Luxembourg government and the NHS (UK) Trusts.

Extended features

Build from sample file

Build from sample file

Use Babelway to become a Peppol participant within a week

  • Seamlessly define and publish your participant information within the Babelway Platform
  • Use Peppol standard document templates from our catalog to make you compliant
  • Leverage a one-time connection to Peppol and communicate to all partners without additional setup
  • Access both testing and production environments within Peppol
  • Monitor all file connections from one unified monitoring section
Transform any format

Transform any format

Use simple drag & drop tools to map your message to any other format for easy import/export in/from your database

  • Allows Peppol standard documents to integrate into any system
  • 12+ formats to choose from: CSV, multi-record text file, IDOC, Excel, XML, UBL, etc.
  • Hundreds of transformation functions available or build your custom functions
  • Use lookup tables to replace data sets
  • Change your file structure without losing your transformation maps
Connect to anything

Additional Features in Babelway

When you sign-up for Babelway for Peppol, you get everything else as well

  • Support Integration for EDI and non-EDI communication
  • Dozens of file formats supports and connection protocols supported to ensure you can connect to anyone and any system.
  • Consolidate all your integration needs into one unique cloud-based B2B integration platform
  • Control your data flows, access messages from anywhere at anytime

And last but not least:

Get extended support from the experts

Babelway is not only a great self-service platform but also a team of pros ready to help you succeed.

  • Access our support helpdesk anytime and ask your questions. You will be answered as soon as max 60 minutes
  • Spot the ‘reuse and save time’ zone on the right of the screen? Import messages and maps from our catalog
  • Access online training material through Babelway Academy

Free for 30 days