Babelway was founded in 2007 by François Van Uffelen and Mathieu Pasture.
From the very beginning, the goal of the founders was to simplify EDI and B2B Integration.

The technology developed by Babelway is a unique online platform to automate document flows between partners requiring different formats and transfer methods. Not another complex platform but a cloud based App that can also be used by the business and non IT Experts. This unseen level of simplicity makes everyone’s life easier and speeds up the process.

Babelway company is one of the fastest growing SaaS company based out of Belgium. After a decade, Babelway has a global coverage and more than 500 customers worldwide.

In December 2018, Babelway was acquired by Tradeshift a cloud based business network and platform for supply chain payments, marketplaces, and apps; and is now a Tradeshift company.

Now one of the great products of Tradeshift platform, our mission is still to provide companies with the means to easily build and operate their integrated world.

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Tradeshift Belgium SA

6, Rue Louis de Geer
1348 Louvain-la-Neuve

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