EDI Transaction Codes

EDI 850

What is EDI 850?

EDI 850 x12 is an electronic version of a Purchase Order (PO) that represents the buyer’s formal request for specific goods or services from a seller.

Like the paper version, EDI 850 usually contains:

  • Item identifier(s) or description(s)
  • Quantity
  • Pricing (as agreed upon)
  • PO number and date
  • Requested ship / delivery date
  • Requested delivery location
Transaction BEFORE




ASC X12 Standard

Transaction AFTER

EDI 855

Sample file

Copy the code of EDI 850 from this sample file

ISA*00*          *00*          *01*085767000      *ZZ*Company        *161206*2115*U*00401*000005007*0*P*:~
PER*OC*Donna Person*TE*4255552515 *FX*4255553875~
FOB*PP*ZZ*UPS Ground #442E1W~
TD5**2*UPSN**UPS Ground #442E2E*******SG~
MSG*If items are available for partial shipment, please contact companyA@trading.com for authorization prior to release~
N1*ST*Company Attn 41309514*92*0857673380000~
PER*IC*Donna Person*TE*4255552515~

Other Things to Know About EDI 850

EDI 850 vs. EDI 855

EDI 855 is a response (or Acknowledgment) to the transmission of an EDI 850 (purchase order). In essence, a seller or supplier communicates whether the purchase order was accepted or rejected.

EDI 850 version 4010

Version 4010 (or 004010) is a widely used version of the X12 standard. Small — yet sometimes significant — differences exist between standard versions, which is why it is important to know and support the version used by your trading partner. Since Version 4010’s release, another 20 versions of the X12 standard have been published.

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Specifies pertinent dates and times:

  • DTM01 element: Specifies the kind of date used in DTM02 (e.g. “Requested Ship” or “Cancel After”) and / or time used in DTM03
  • DTM02 element: The date referenced in DTM01 expressed as CCYYMMDD where CC represents the first two digits of the calendar year
  • DTM03 element: The time referenced in DTM01 expressed in 24-hour clock time as follows: HHMM, or HHMMSS, or HHMMSSD, or HHMMSSDD, where H = hours (00-23), M = minutes (00-59), S = integer seconds (00-59) and DD = decimal seconds; decimal seconds are expressed as follows: D = tenths (0-9) and DD = hundredths (00-99)
  • DTM04 element: Code identifying the time in DTM03. In accordance with International Standards Organization standard 8601, time can be specified by a + or – and an indication in hours in relation to Universal Time Coordinate (UTC) time; since + is a restricted character, + and – are substituted by P and M in the codes that follow
  • DTM05 element: Code indicating the date format, time format, or date and time format in DTM02 and DTM03
  • DTM06 element: Expression of a date, a time, or range of dates, times or dates and times in DTM02 and DTM03

Contained in the P01 set, the SDQ segment specifies shipment quantities for multiple destinations (when goods are routed to multiple destinations in retail, for instance)

  • SDQ01 element: Code specifying the units in which a value is being expressed
  • SDQ02 element: Code indicating how shipment destinations in subsequent elements are specified
  • SDQ03 element: Code identifying destination #1
  • SDQ04 element: Numeric value of quantity to destination #1
  • SDQ05 element: Code identifying destination #2
  • SDQ06 element: Numeric value of quantity to destination #2

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