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Babelway and AURATECHCOM signs partnership agreement

By Mathieu Pasture
April 22, 2013

AURATECHCOM, based in Paris, France, provides expertise in business data exchanges (EDI, B2B, XML) for over 15 years.

We are very pleased to announce our new partner, AURATECHCOM, based in Paris, France.

For over 15 years, AURATECHCOM provides consulting, development and project management expertise in business data exchanges (EDI, B2B, XML) and dematerialization of exchanges.

References include Kärcher France, Eurocontrol, Johnson Controls, Fromagerie Bel, 3Suisses, Metro and many others.

AURATECHCOM was looking for the best solution to address the market shift towards the cloud and provide a solution they could support in the French market for both large and smaller companies. AURATECHCOM chose Babelway for its innovative SaaS approach where they can deploy EDI projects for their customers without the need for new software while fully controlling implementation.

Claude Charmot, General Manager, AURATECHCOM: “Together we bring an innovative and flexible value proposition to the French market. I am convinced that Babelway will attract a large number of companies interested in a complete, easy-to-use and financially competitive EDI solution”

Francois Van Uffelen, Managing Director, Babelway: “We are extremely enthusiastic to partner with EDI experts such as AURATECHCOM. This cloud-based distribution and support model can only result in more effective and efficient projects for customers”

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