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A self-service EDI platform is the key to success

By Ioana Ploesteanu
July 10, 2024
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An Interview with Benjamin from Vandeputte

Vandeputte Group, a Belgian family-owned company established in 1887, is a leader in a diverse range of products derived from flaxseed. Across their three divisions: soap & detergent, oil, and oleochemistry, they employ around 250 people and contribute to various industries.

“We are very satisfied with the Babelway solution. In the end, the fact that we are using the solution for 15 years is the best proof of our satisfaction.”

Briefly tell me about your company (industry, size, markets you serve) and what you do.

VandeputteGroup is a family company founded in 1887. The company is currently made up of 3 divisions:

  • Soap & detergent division: Through this business line we are developing, producing and selling liquid detergent and distributing them to big retailers and professional markets.
  • Oil division: Under this business line we are processing flaxseeds to extract its oil that we use to produce our soaps, but also for other uses such as: food, base for paints, inks, linoleum, and even for animal food.
  • Oleochemistry division: The third business line is dedicated to the development, production and sale of vegetable oil derivatives.

What were the biggest challenges you were facing before using Babelway? How were these impacting your business?

We chose to work with Babelway when we had to exchange data and documents with our clients in an EDI format.

Were you considering any other solutions before choosing Babelway? Why did you choose ours over the competition?

One of Babelway’s biggest advantages against competitors is that the platform is self-service. We can manage everything on our own!

How was your experience getting started with Babelway?

I remember that I was very pleased with the availability of the Babelway team. Even today, the helpdesk team responds to our requests very quickly!

How long have you been using Babelway? How many people at your company use it?

We’ve been using the Babelway solution for 15 years now, since 2009. Only the 4 people working in the IT department are using the Babelway web platform. Since everything is automated, our EDI process works smoothly and unnoticeable for the rest of our colleagues.

What do you enjoy most about using Babelway? Would you recommend Babelway to others? Why or why not?

Yes, I would definitely recommend Babelway. There are three aspects that are very important for us:

  • The autonomy we have over the solution, while also having a very qualitative and rapid helpdesk in case we need it
  • The solution is regularly updated to adapt to customer needs
  • The high level of reliability – in 15 years we never had a moment where the platform was down

How would you say Babelway has impacted the success of your team/business?

Thanks to Babelway we can respond rapidly to all the EDI requests we receive from our customers.

How would you describe your overall experience with Babelway and our company?

We are very satisfied with the Babelway solution. In the end the fact that we are using the solution for 15 years is the best proof of our satisfaction.

How do you plan to use Babelway in the future?

As Babelway is an indispensable solution for our business we’re obviously going to keep using it.

What advice would you give to someone considering using Babelway?

You really have to try the Babelway solution because it allows you to actually cater to all your needs related to exchanging information between systems.

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