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Taking Ownership of EDI and B2B Integrations with Babelway

By Ioana Ploesteanu
July 04, 2024
Read time:3 MINUTES

An Interview with João from Logifrio

“Now we’re in complete control of our integrations. We can make changes quickly, troubleshoot problems ourselves, and we’re not reliant on external resources anymore. Babelway has made a world of difference for our development speed and overall business success.” – João Garcia, Head of IT Development

Briefly describe your company (industry, size, markets you serve) and what you do.

Logifrio is a leading operator in controlled temperature logistics services in Portugal and Spain. We store, handle and distribute food products that require temperature control, from -25ºC to +18ºC (Frozen, Refrigerated e Ambient Temperature). We have more than 35 multi-temperature platforms in the Iberian Peninsula and Islands, with a capacity of more than 700,000 m3 of cold and with more than 27,000 delivery points.

What were the biggest challenges you were facing before using Babelway? How were these impacting your business?

Mainly the lack of agility and autonomy, but also the cost was a key factor. Historically we relied hugely on other brokers to do all the B2B integration process, leaving us without knowledge and the ability to maintain it.

Were you considering any other solutions before choosing Babelway? Why did you choose ours over the competition?

Yes, we were considering other solutions, but the fact that Babelway offered a free trial and all the documentation online was a huge plus. It gave us a chance to explore the platform and see if it would work for us without any risk.

How was your experience getting started with Babelway?

It was actually pretty smooth and quick. Babelway has these great online courses that walk you through everything, and their chat support was fantastic when we had any questions.

How long have you been using Babelway? How many people at your company use it?

We started using Babelway 9 months ago, and 6 people were trained on how to use it. Now 3 of us are using it on a daily basis.

How has Babelway helped you overcome your challenges and achieve your goals? Can you share any specific metrics or anecdotes?

It’s made a world of difference. Now we’re in complete control of our B2B integrations. We can make changes quickly, troubleshoot problems ourselves, and we’re not reliant on external resources anymore.

What do you enjoy most about using Babelway?

Honestly, it’s the simplicity. The interface is really intuitive, and the chat support Babelway had available initially was fantastic for getting us started.

How would you say Babelway has impacted the success of your team/business?

It’s definitely a work in progress, but we’re seeing a big improvement in our development speed. B2B integrations are no longer bottlenecks, which allows us to move faster and deliver projects quicker.

How would you describe your overall experience with Babelway and our company?

So far, so good. The platform is easy to use, reliable, and the team behind Babelway is really trustworthy.

How do you plan to use Babelway in the future?

As our business grows, we plan to use Babelway to seamlessly integrate new clients. It’s a key tool for achieving our business goals.

Would you recommend Babelway to others? Why or why not?

Absolutely, especially if they’re looking to take ownership of their EDI processes, data exchange and B2B message integrations. Babelway puts you back in control.

What advice would you give to someone considering using Babelway?

Don’t hesitate! The free trial is a no-brainer. Take it for a spin and see for yourself how easy it is to manage your B2B integrations with Babelway.

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