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Babelway: Peppol AP for NHS Trusts

By Michel Colin
February 03, 2017

Babelway Becomes Peppol Supplier for NHS Trusts

Recently, the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) had approved Babelway as a PEPPOL Access Point Provider for the NHS trusts. That means that when an NHS trust has to choose a vendor to provide PEPPOL services, Babelway is on the shortlist.

Babelway has been involved in PEPPOL and the NHS for a few years now. We were even included in the initial technology discussion and demonstration of PEPPOL that led NHS to move forward with it’s decision to make PEPPOL mandatory. We recently did a webinar about the NHS mandating PEPPOL for it’s trusts and suppliers to those trusts (watch it here).

The CCS evaluated tender requests from many service providers. Babelway received a score of 60 out of 60 in their quality evaluation of the Babelway platform.

Babelway has seen the growth of PEPPOL all over Europe. We’re excited to join the NHS on their initiative to improve their B2G integration and overall patient care.


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