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How Martens Brewery Streamlined Global B2B Integration

By Ioana Ploesteanu
June 13, 2024
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Brewery Martens: a Customer Success Story

“After we started with Babelway we had no reason to look at other suppliers in the market for EDI and B2B Integration – we were just too pleased. It’s fast, it’s cost-effective and it’s reliable. That’s exactly what we need.” – Brewery Martens, Kurt Brouns, IT Manager

The Customer

Brewery Martens, Belgium’s second-largest brewer, utilizes Babelway’s solutions to optimize B2B Integration and EDI processes. This streamlines operations, resulting in faster onboarding times, minimized manual work, and centralized communication, ultimately enhancing overall business efficiency.

The Context and Challenges

As Brewery Martens grew, so did the complexity of managing communication and document exchange with its international clientele. Initially, Brewery Martens handled Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) in-house using BizTalk. However, this approach proved unsustainable. Their customers demanded diverse data formats and specifications, leading to a surge in change requests and overwhelming internal workloads.

The Solution

Brewery Martens found its answer in Babelway, a Belgium-based EDI and B2B integration platform.

Download the PDF to learn how Brewery Martens streamlined their global EDI.

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