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Logifrio Takes Ownership of EDI and B2B Integrations with Babelway

By Ioana Ploesteanu
July 08, 2024

A B2B Integration Customer Success Story

“Now we’re in complete control of our B2B integrations. We can make changes quickly, troubleshoot problems ourselves, and we’re not reliant on external resources anymore. Babelway has made a world of difference for our development speed and overall business success.” João Garcia, Head of IT Development

The Client

Logifrio, a leading operator in controlled temperature logistics services across Portugal and Spain, provides storage, handling, and distribution for temperature-sensitive food products. With over 35 multi-temperature platforms and 27,000 delivery points, Logifrio ensures efficient cold chain management across the Iberian Peninsula and Islands.

The Context & Challenges

Logifrio faced limitations in agility and autonomy with their B2B integrations. They relied on external brokers for the entire process, hindering their ability to make changes, troubleshoot issues, or gain in-house knowledge. Additionally, the reliance on external resources significantly impacted their bottom line.

The Solution

Logifrio evaluated various B2B integration solutions such as EDICOM, SERES and YET. but ultimately chose Babelway.

Download the customer success story to find out why Babelway was the good choice for Logifrio.


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