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Cutting Out the Outsourced Integration Middleman

By Mathieu Pasture
April 17, 2015

As document transfer has evolved, many companies have moved to outsourced solutions after experiencing the frustrations that come with maintaining internal integration software. Many companies fall into the trap of outsourcing, thinking this is the solution. In reality, you’re just getting a middleman.

While many outsourced integration service providers market their solutions as SaaS platforms, don’t be fooled. In reality, you’re not getting a software, but a service – from a middleman. It’s analogous to dropping a letter in the mail; once a document is in the courier’s hands, you lose all visibility into when – or if – it will reach its destination. It would be ludicrous to call the postman a Software-as-a-Service solution, and it’s equally risky to rely on an external integration service provider with your critical business documents.

The challenge is that new outsourced providers are entering the market every day. How can you tell the difference between a true SaaS solution and a middleman? The key is direct connectivity to your partners. If messages are either with you or with your partners, you won’t risk them getting lost somewhere in between. When you cut out the middleman, you have full visibility into all of your document flows.

In the past, companies could only achieve direct partner connectivity with internal software. Now with cloud-based solutions like Babelway, you can leverage a platform that connects directly to your partners without running the software yourself. Just be sure to distinguish between vendors that go between you and your partners, and vendors that connect you directly. If your messages ever get stuck or lost, you may have a middleman problem.

Losing an order or an invoice is not a minimal disruption. Obstacles like this cost you time, money and effort, a critical disadvantage in today’s complex supply chain. With a true SaaS solution for integration, you can increase the agility and reactivity of your company without experiencing the frustrations of managing internal software.

Don’t fall into the middleman trap. Cut out the middleman and connect directly to your partners for full visibility and control over your supply chain. You’ll solve the pain of a missing document, and enjoy transparent monitoring, early problem identification, and fewer mistakes.

To test a true SaaS solution for B2B integration, start your free trial of Babelway today.

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