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Digitization futureproofs your customer relationships

Hosted by Kristyn Jarvis and Doug Anderson
Original date: Tuesday, April 24 2023 @ 1 p.m. (Eastern)
Duration: 34 minutes

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Every year, companies spend several hundred billion dollars on digital transformation. But why? What are they hoping to gain?

In this session, we’ll explain your customers’ obsession with digitization and what you can do to future proof your own company’s relationship with them. We’ll share how you can support their initiatives while also by proactively addressing their needs for increased digitization.

Watch this on demand webinar to learn how you can boost customer satisfaction by:

  • Digitizing your interactions with them (and creating your own process efficiencies in return)
  • Meeting their requirements for compliance
  • Being ready for the next COVID-19-like disruption

Who hosted this event?

Kristyn Jarvis

Senior Project Manager

Kristyn Jarvis is a Senior Project Manager for Tradeshift Babelway. Kristyn spent the better part of the last 5 years helping customers define and execute B2B integration projects; using X12, CSV, JSON, XML, and other formats and transfer protocols imagined. Though she says connecting to customers may never be a piece of cake, she teaches customers how to more easily and efficiently manage them on their own.

Doug Anderson

Product Marketing Manager

Doug Anderson is a Product Marketing Manager for Tradeshift Babelway. Doug’s a long-time marketer who enjoys sharing solutions with and understanding the journey of his company’s customers. He’s been advocating the benefits of B2B integration and digital transformation for 3 years.

Who should watch?

Business leaders, IT professionals, and EDI specialists—anyone in the logistics industry interested in improving the speed of EDI.

How will watching this event benefit me?

By attending, you’ll discover new and innovative ways of accelerating EDI integration and have a forum for discussing your company’s integration challenges with an expert.

Who are Babelway?

Babelway’s award-winning cloud platform enables anyone to build, send, receive, and automate complex EDI document and data flows. Consider it an enterprise-grade EDI solution with the ease-of-use of an online app.

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