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Babelway is an intuitive web-based platform that allows business partners to directly integrate any two IT systems.
  • All major connectors and document types
  • Full control of your setup and visibility into your connections
  • Enterprise-level security and compliance guarantees
  • Support from EDI specialists with 10+ years’ experience

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How do we achieve this?

Amazon Vendor Central EU EDI involves

  • Standard Edifact documents
    • Purchase Orders – ORDERS,
    • Purchase Order Acknowledgements – ORDRSP,
    • Advance shipment notice – DESADV,
    • Invoice – INVOIC,
    • Point of Sale – SLSRPT,
    • Cost & inventory feed – INVRPT
  • AS2, SFTP & VAN transfer protocol.

Amazon does not dictate any mandatory flows. You can automate the document exchanges you want whenever suits you best.

Because Babelway fully supports these technologies, you will be able to implement any integration flow with Amazon using Babelway.

Note that if you’re looking to integrate with Amazon Marketplace (Amazon Seller) this is a different integration pattern which we support as well.

Tips and success factors

Transform any format

Technology First

Amazon offers excellent support for EDI integration: the online Vendor Central platform is easy to use, well documented, and their support is experienced and quick to respond.
Thus, if the technology hurdles are covered, the implementation and project management effort can be kept to a minimum. So focus on the technology first.

full security

Know the business of your own messages well

Knowing what information your business documents contain and where to find them is essential to quickly setting up your flows both within Amazon (they survey you to verify your content will meet their business requirements) and when configuring the conversion between your messages and theirs. Be ready to answer questions about where to find your delivery date, your invoice total, your item numbers etc.

no software upgrades

Read through their detailed specifications

Amazon really details everything you need to get their messages right (specifications available in vendor central, or in Babelway for registered users). First time right is possible if you pore through their documentation.

Frequently Asked Questions about Choosing the Right Integration Partner

Does Amazon publish a list of authorized providers?

No, Amazon doesn’t offer any service provider recommendations, so choose the provider that best meets your needs.
The partner you choose should support AS2, VAN, or SFTP. However, keep in mind that Amazon has a preference for AS2, a requirement to ask about in a technical solution.

What should I ask a potential integration partner?

Amazon has really streamlined its integration process, so that it’s relatively easy to interface with them. If a service provider has already integrated with Amazon Vendor Central you can feel confident the provider should have a blueprint for helping to establish a connection on your behalf. The remaining technical hurdles will be between you and your prospective provider. Ask the provider to answer the following questions or to demonstrate corresponding functions using the software or platform you’re evaluating:

  • How well does the provider support your message format?
  • How well does the provider support your IT system protocol?
  • Is the connection easy to configure and troubleshoot using the provider’s software or platform?
  • How flexible is the message transformation within the provider’s software or platform?

Does Amazon restrict my integration partner's access to configure the setup?

No, you are entitled to have a third-party integrator configure your entire EDI setup on your behalf. Amazon provides user management controls in Vendor Central to allow you to invite your integrators onto the portal with just the necessary rights: “EDI Self Service Setup” (access to all EDI configurations but no access to your account information, for example).

How do I contact Amazon?

Amazon can be contacted through vendor central directly: “Contact Us” form at the top of each Vendor Central Page > Topic “EDI integration” – SLA response within 24h. In our experience, they’re very reactive.

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