EDI 990 x12 – Response to a Load Tender

EDI 990 x12, or a Response to a Load Tender, is an electronic data interchange (EDI) document used exclusively in the transportation industry. A carrier can use it to “accept” or “decline” a shipment pickup or a spot-bid request from a shipper / seller. EDI 990 contains:

• Shipment Identification Number
• Yes / No Response
• Shipment Decline Reason (if declined)
• Shipment Method of Payment

Transaction before

EDI 204 – Motor Carrier Load Tender


ASC X12 Standard

Transaction after

EDI 211 – Motor Carrier Bill of Lading

EDI 990 - Sample File


Other Things to Know About EDI 990

EDI 990 vs EDI 997

EDI 997, called a Functional Acknowledgment, is like a digital receipt for a transaction or document exchange. When a business sends any EDI document to a partner, an EDI 997 is sent back to the business to communicate that the preceding EDI document was received. A common misconception about EDI 997 is that it acts as an affirmative response to a request made by a trading partner. Unlike EDI 990, which allows a carrier to “accept” or “decline” a load tender (EDI 204), an EDI 997 is simply a verification that the sender’s document was received.

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