EDI 810 x12 – Invoice

EDI 810 x12 is the electronic option for issuing an invoice. With EDI 810, a seller requests payment for goods or services that have been rendered to a buyer. Like the paper version, EDI 810 contains:

• Terms of the sale
• Monetary amount
• Product / Item description
• Tax information
• Date / Time reference
• Carrier details

Transaction before

EDI 856 – Advance Ship Notice


ASC X12 Standard

Transaction after

EDI 846Inventory Inquiry / Advice

EDI 810 - Sample File

ISA*00* *00* *01*305678132 *01*149825353 *100518*1437*U*00401*000000037*0*P*>
SAC*A*F800***738*******06***6.0% TOTAL ALLOWANCE

Segments of Interest

For general information purposes only. Your trading partner’s specifications may vary.

Identifies or requests a service, promotion, allowance, or charge (includes the associated amount or percentage)

SAC01 element

Code indicating an allowance or charge for the service specified in SAC02

SAC02 element

Code identifying the service, promotion, allowance, or charge

SAC03 element

Code identifying the agency assigning the code values

SAC04 element

Agency maintained code identifying the service, promotion, allowance, or charge

SAC05 element

Monetary amount

SAC06 element

Code indicating on what basis allowance or charge percent is calculated

SAC07 element

Percent given in decimal format (e.g., 0.0 through 100.0 represents 0% through 100%)

SAC08 element

Rate expressed in the standard monetary denomination for the currency specified

SAC09 element

Code specifying the units in which a value is being expressed, or manner in which a measurement has been taken

SAC10 element

Numeric value of quantity

SAC11 element

Numeric value of quantity

SAC12 element

Code indicating method of handling for an allowance or charge

SAC13 element

Reference information as defined for a particular Transaction Set or as specified by the Reference Identification Qualifier

SAC14 element

A unique number identifying available promotion or allowance options when more than one is offered

SAC15 element

A free-form description to clarify the related data elements and their content

SAC16 element

Code specifying the language used in text, from a standard code list maintained by the International Standards Organization (ISO 639)

Used to specify transportation details for the transaction

CAD01 element

Code specifying the method or type of transportation for the shipment

CAD02 element

Prefix or alphabetic part of an equipment unit’s identifying number

CAD03 element

Sequencing or serial part of an equipment unit’s identifying number (pure numeric form for equipment number is preferred)

CAD04 element

Code identifying the Standard Carrier Alpha Code

CAD05 element

Free-form description of the routing or requested routing for shipment, or the originating carrier’s identity

CAD06 element

Code indicating the status of an order or shipment or the disposition of any difference between the quantity ordered and the quantity shipped for a line item or transaction

CAD07 element

Code identifying the Reference Identification

CAD08 element

Reference information as defined for a particular Transaction Set or as specified by the Reference Identification Qualifier

CAD09 element

Code indicating the level of transportation service or the billing service offered by the transportation carrier

Other Things to Know About EDI 810

ANSI X12 810

ANSI or the American National Standards Institute is a non-profit standards organization. ANSI brings together subject matter experts from government and a range of commercial industries to maintain and develop XML schema and EDI standards such as X12. Accredited standards like X12 are designed to streamline and drive the electronic exchange of business documents worldwide. EDI 810 is just one of hundreds of documents in the X12 standard, though perhaps its most commonly used.

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