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SSCC codes and labels … What to do ?

By Mathieu Pasture
May 07, 2014

In order to optimize their supply chain, retailers ask you to adopt the SSCC codes and labels for logistics units. One extra code and information … If you are not equipped with the right system, you are invited to manually capture the information via an online portal. This is an additional costly process and a source of errors. This is not a fatality. Solutions exist.

SSCC-2What are the options?

Implement a modern full-fledged ERP. You automate a set of processes in your company including the logistics flows and creation of the codes / SSCC labels. Depending on your requirements, budget and size, you will find a suitable solution. Some of our partners offer great solutions, for food products or not, for less than € 10,000 .

Implement a specific solution designed to manage deliveries to large retailers. This solution applies if you don’t need a complete ERP but want to address quickly and easily the demands of your customers. There are solutions that allow you to receive EDI orders, manage your SSCC labels, generate delivery notes (DESADV) and invoices (INVOICES) while reducing manual data entry for less than €5000 fully implemented.

We will gladly refer you to our partners to help you manage your logistics flows. Together, we will develop a fully automated flow that will satisfy your customers and also save you time and money.

Based in Luxembourg, MK Moulins produces and sells wheat products such as bread, flour and semolina for three generations. Frédéric BAIJOT, Commercial Director, says “Our ERP does not allow us to easily integrate requirements for the SSCC labels. We have chosen the solution IDEasy from PhiData. We are very satisfied.”

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