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How do we achieve this?

Office Depot EDI involves

  • Standard X12 documents
    • 810 Invoice
    • 850 Purchase Order
    • 856 Ship Notice
    • 860 Organizational Relationships
    • 997 Functional Acknowledgement
  • AS2 (Office Depot preferred) or VAN (legacy) transfer protocols.
  • Additionally, Office Depot works with vendor programs (scan based trade, retail trade shipping to stores, virtual warehouse…). Depending on the vendor program you belong to, you will have the opportunity/obligation to exchange different document types (more information on this in our implementation guide).

Because Babelway fully supports these technologies, you will be able to implement any integration flow with Office Depot using Babelway.

Choosing the right third party

If you landed on this page, it’s possible your current systems don’t use AS2 or X12 and you’re wondering how you can bridge the technical gap between Office Depot and you. If so, a third party may be the way to go. Here are some thoughts on what you should be considering when checking out a third party to work with Office Depot:

Choosing the right third party

 No limitations from Office Depot

Office Depot doesn’t recommend any service provider so choose the one that best meets your needs.

They support AS2 and have used VAN extensively in the past but have a preference for AS2. So this is something to keep in mind when checking for a technical solution.

 What to watch out for

Office Depot has really streamlined their integration process so it is easy to interface with them. If your third party has already integrated with Office Depot you can feel confident they should effortlessly succeed to set up your connection. The remaining technical hurdles will be between you and your third party:

  • How well do they support your message format?
  • How well do they support your IT system protocol?
  • Is the connection easy to configure and troubleshoot?
  • How flexible is the message transformation?

 In practice

In practice the very first step will require you to have selected your third party. Office Depot’s vendor EDI request form requires your third party information. So it’s interesting for you to have had the opportunity to reflect on your choice up-front.

If you opt to have the implementation done by your third party you will have the opportunity to share their contact information with Office Depot in this vendor EDI request form which means they can directly take up the heavy lifting for you.

That being said, Babelway is a self-service platform where we are confident you will be able to configure the entire integration on your own basing yourself only on our implementation guide and overzealous support team.

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