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Babelway is an intuitive web-based platform that allows business partners to directly integrate any two IT systems.
  • All major connectors and document types
  • Full control of your setup and visibility into your connections
  • Enterprise-level security and compliance guarantees
  • Support from EDI specialists with 10+ years’ experience

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The most secure EDI solution!

You are trading luxury goods. Your shipment dates, orders and invoices will transit through your EDI provider. No other IPAAS EDI solution can safeguard this sensitive information as well as we can.


“Babelway helps us innovate in B2B collaboration.”

“Babelway enables us to close more sales by extending our integration ability.”

How do we achieve this?

Saks EDI involves

  • Standard X12 (VICS) documents
  • Value added network (VAN) transfer protocol.

Because Babelway fully supports these technologies, you will be able to implement any integration flow with Saks Fifth Avenue using Babelway. In particular, Saks supports the following EDI flows:

X12 messages from Saks Fifth Avenue:
  • 180 – Return Merchandise Authorization
  • 820 – Remittance Advice
  • 824 – Application Advice
  • 850 – Purchase Order
  • 852 – Product Activity (Sales) Date
  • 997 – Functional Acknowledgement
X12 messages to Saks Fifth Avenue:
  • 810 – Invoice
  • 855 – Purchase Order Acknowledgement
  • 856 – Advance Ship Notice
  • 997 – Functional Acknowledgement

The smallest setups we’ve implemented included sending out invoices, advance ship notices and acknowledgements and receiving purchase orders and acknowledgements. So these flows are supported but not mandatory.

no software upgrades

What Next?

Among integrations, Saks is not a difficult one to get working. Their EDI team is extremely reactive and knows what they are dealing with. Using Babelway, you can get your basic flows set up within a few weeks.

Set this up for me

This may be your first time working with Electronic data interchange (EDI), maybe speed is crucial to you and you’d like to be in production with a working setup in a matter of weeks, or maybe you just don’t want to bother with the complexity. Then contact us and we will get you set up as we have for other clients before you.

Implementing this myself

The beauty of Babelway is that it’s simple enough that most of our clients only ever contact us with a few pointed support questions but set up and manage their flows entirely on their own. So not only is it doable, it’s the best way to keep your EDI under control. To help you through this effort, we provide our users with a Saks Fifth Avenue implementation guide which should walk you through setting up your integration flows with Saks.

We have in house experience bringing customers to reach full Saks EDI compliance so our support team will be able to fully support not only any questions you may face concerning our online tool but also more specific questions concerning Saks.

full security

Choosing a Third Party

Regardless of whom you choose to work with you should probably be looking out for:


If you are looking to integrate with Saks and multiple other trading partners then flexibility will be key. Both with regard to basic technologies (VAN, AS2, FTP etc.) and within message formats (support for various X12 versions and standards).


You’re working with a high end retailer. Although EDI always concerns sensitive data which no one would like to see exposed, it’s truer yet when working with high end retail. Product prices, shipping dates and locations, think of all the data which will actually transit through your provider. You will likely want to check which security guarantees your third party offers you.


We believe this is our greatest added value and our mission within the EDI market. B2B integration is a complicated technical world which mixes old and new technologies with lots of business know how. So much technology is involved that it often removes EDI from the hands of those who understand and know these exchanges best: the business people. Our goal is for our tool to bridge the technical gap for you reducing the technical hurdles to a minimum so anyone can manage their integration flows themselves.