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Babelway is an intuitive web-based platform that allows business partners to directly integrate any two IT systems.
  • All major connectors and document types
  • Full control of your setup and visibility into your connections
  • Enterprise-level security and compliance guarantees
  • Support from EDI specialists with 10+ years’ experience

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Cory K – Hotline Freight

“I call Babelway the hidden gem of the internet because it makes EDI transactions so easy to manage and configure. A very well designed, easy-to-use web interface.”

How do we achieve this?

US Xpress and EDI

US Xpress works with Sterling Commerce which has multiple connection capabilities. If you use widespread standards then it’s likely you will be able to connect with them directly. If your message formats differ or require a more detailed translation then you can create or buy a tool like Babelway. Our live connections at the moment involve transforming client messages to US Xpress’s X12 messages and sending them out through AS2.

Integration – A way to better manage your supply chain

Like all companies your IT landscape probably includes some recent applications which easily integrate over the web with others but also a few legacy systems which are harder to integrate with. In fact, this technology gap might be the only thing keeping you from having the full control of your supply chain.

This is the type of integration challenge we are perfectly suited for. Our platform aims to offer a universal and simple mapping tool to allow you to link any two applications. Through time we have developed numerous connectors which will allow you to connect any system to any trading partner (old and new, using European or American standards etc.).

Most of our customers set up their connections autonomously because that is the way we strive for our platform to work: easy to use, do it yourself, stay in control. US Xpress is not a complicated company to connect with because of their software capabilities. However, if you’re not keen on taking this up on your own we can establish that connection for you in no time.

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