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How do we achieve this?

Rite Aid EDI involves

  • Standard X12 documents
  • VAN (value added network) transfer protocol.

Because Babelway fully supports these technologies, you will be able to implement any integration flow with Rite Aid using Babelway. In particular, you will be required to exchange these documents at the very least (Rite Aid allows additional document types upon request):

Trading with Rite Aid Distribution Centers
  • 850 – Purchase Order
  • 856 – Advance Ship Notice
  • 810 – Invoice
  • 997 – Functional Acknowledgement
Trading directly with Rite Aid Stores
  • 810 – Invoice
  • 997 – Functional Acknowledgement
Rite Aid’s EDI content is well documented. This is a rather straightforward operation. So the complexity of the integration will depend essentially on how complex your own documents are and the content gap between their content requirements and yours.


You have a complete EDI to Fax set up with Rite Aid, and you’re looking for a third party to bridge the EDI gap between Rite Aid and you.


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We configure your integration flows, test them, and that’s it! There will be no more paper transactions between Rite Aid and your company.

 Then what?

Our objective is to make EDI accessible to non technical people and allow our users to focus on the business value of automating any flows they want. Thus, you can choose to build upon our initial setup and integrate more business partners on your own. Or you can apply for customer services and we will complete your integration projects for you.