Babelway & Google

We integrate with Google to automate message and document exchanges.

The company which started out as “just” the best search engine now has its fingers in all things internet.


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What you can do

Transform any format

Regardless of the applications you run, and the message formats and connectors they require, Babelway adapts.

Create validation rules

Avoid unnecessary back and forth communication with your trading partners and errors in your ERP by directly checking business rules through Babelway.

Check the transmission status of your document

Babelway gives you a real time view and alerts allowing you to monitor the status of all messages you are exchanging with your business partner. You have full control to identify which errors took place during the message transformation, fix them, and resubmit the messages for good.

Avoid unnecessary ERP development

Babelway is pure SAAS. This means that you benefit from the latest version of our product at all times with the best technological capabilities the market has to offer. No matter what your EDI needs are tomorrow our platform is sure to give you access to it without any additional cost or development effort on your end.

Get extended support from the experts

We have been along for over 10 years in the business of SAAS EDI. This means years of experience helping our customers handle tricky, exotic formats and technologies. This has both allowed us to build a significant know how in house but also a network of partners and clients that we can work with to get accurate information fast.