Avoid the Most Common
X12 Mistakes

Date & Time: Thursday, Apr. 5 @ 1 p.m. (EDT)

While pervasive, X12 isn’t necessarily intuitive. In fact, EDI and partner integration specialists often learn how to work with the standard on the fly. As a result, actions meant to provide solutions could have negative, unintended consequences down the road. Join us as we reveal:

  • The 7 universal X12 sins, committed by novices and X12 pros alike
  • The impact these mistakes can have on partner integration / business
  • Preventative measures you can take to minimize costly X12 errors

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Jeff Douglas

About the Presenter

Jeff Douglas is an experienced solutions manager for Babelway, an integration platform as a service (iPaas) that gives businesses the autonomy to build and operate their integrated world. Over the years, Jeff has earned his stripes by implementing dozens of enterprise-scale integration projects—many of which involve X12.