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WABCO Delivers Keynote Speech for B2B Integration

By Mathieu Pasture
January 06, 2013

We are excited to share the keynote speech of Peter Bal, CEO of WABCO, from last year’s ODETTE conference in Berlin!

WABCO, a Babelway client, is a leading supplier of safety and control systems for the automotive sector, and has provided numerous technology solutions to the world’s leading automotive manufacturers for over 140 years.

With over 750 partners and a volume of 2 million messages per year, WABCO faces numerous EDI challenges including slow response time to new opportunities and a lack of control over EDI processes. Using the Babelway platform, WABCO has been able to achieve 80% faster onboarding of new partner projects, while freeing IT resources and cutting operational costs by 65%. With new opportunities to deploy to new partners and automate new processes, such as e-invoicing, WABCO has turned B2B integration challenges into a competitive advantage.

Differentiation through IT-enabled innovation: learn more about WABCO’s innovative approach to B2B integration with Babelway. Contact us to view a recording of this presentation.

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