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Use Dropbox for B2B integration

By Mathieu Pasture
October 07, 2013

We all know Dropbox, probably the most popular service to store and share documents. Very easy to use and free up to a limit.

Dropbox is the latest application added to our catalogue of Babelway connectors.

Babelway users can automate document exchange between Dropbox and Babelway. As soon as a document is placed in the designated dropbox folder, it is picked up by Babelway where it can be transformed and sent to another application or partner. For example, you could have your invoice files sent from your Dropbox to Carrefour, Delhaize or Tradeshift or your accountant in the format they want.

Dropbox can also be used as the destination of your documents processed by Babelway. Whatever documents your partners send, they could all end up in a single format in your Dropbox folder.

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