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Tradeshift Turns to Babelway for High-Volume Integration

By Mathieu Pasture
April 15, 2015

Tradeshift and Babelway recently announced a long-term partnership agreement that will solidify the strategic relationship between both companies. While Tradeshift has long been a customer of Babelway, the e-invoicing and procure-to-pay company recently signed a contract to dramatically expand its usage. Under this new partnership, Tradeshift will systematically rely on Babelway to connect buyers’ and suppliers’ ERP systems to the Tradeshift platform.

“Through our partnership with Babelway, we have been able to integrate multinational enterprises who have chosen Tradeshift as their preferred business platform,” said Mikkel Hippe Brun, SVP of APAC and co-founder of Tradeshift. “This new project only cements our collaboration with Babelway as that of a long-term partnership that will enable us to deliver faster time to value for our customers.”

The recent partnership highlights the true value that Babelway provides for companies that call upon rapid, large-scale integration solutions like Tradeshift, another long-time Babelway customer. Companies that turn to traditional software solutions or vendors for their B2B integration often face challenges with scaling such integration for their large enterprise clients. Volume is also a factor, as every new client poses a new integration challenge. As a pure SaaS platform for B2B integration, Babelway is an agile, simple to use system that allows companies to handle new integration projects just as they do any other business process.

Babelway can automate a company’s entire procure-to-pay process by integrating the company’s procurement solution with the ERP and accounting systems of its partners. As the first 100% cloud-based solution for B2B integration, Babelway provides a scalable platform designed for companies, managing anywhere from small volumes to multiple million messages per year. The intuitive interface is designed for any user, not just the IT experts. All of this creates end-to-end integration and interoperability between business partners.

Examples of the role that Babelway plays in this project with Tradeshift include:

  • Integration of strategic suppliers
  • Integration between Tradeshift and customer ERP system
  • Service provider integration via PEPPOL
  • Integration between Tradeshift and VANS
  • Integration of all AS2 and non-standard API traffic
  • Building plug-and-play connectors

About Tradeshift: Tradeshift is a global business-to-business platform that helps companies run more efficiently, using cloud-based technology to improve processes like invoicing, workflow and supplier financing. Launched in 2010, Tradeshift connects 500,000 companies across 190 countries.

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