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This Guy Makes SAP EDI Agile

By Mathieu Pasture
March 28, 2016

Henny uses Babelway to start EDI integration for his SAP customers.

His first implementation took only 1 month to go into production.

Babelway’s affordability, functionality, and resource cost to maintain are all better than alternatives.

Henny Slokker has 20 years of integration experience. He is now a SAP consultant. Henny is very experience with B2B technology but doesn’t qualify as a developer. He works with companies of any size and brings them value by helping them choose the best solutions for partner integration and EDI. Working on the Dutch market primarily, he meets many medium-sized companies. Finding the right EDI solution has always been a challenge, mainly because of high upfront investment in software licences and implementation resources but also in running complex operations. Upon discovering Babelway it didn’t take him long to decide there was a match here. His first customer on Babelway was Vencomatic.

“Within 1 month, I implemented their Vendor EDI-solution for purchase orders and confirmations.”

We sat down with him to reflect on this and here is what he said:

The Power of the Cloud

Henny knew the cost of integration when using an on premise solution. Maintaining server architecture, have dedicated resources, going through costly update cycles, all of these added up for serious costs to businesses that needed to leverage integration software. Having a cloud-based solution virtually removed all of these costs, making it much more accessible for more businesses.

As with most cloud-based solutions, security is always an important topic. Henny found that Babelway provided ample security in its platform and was supported by extensive documentation and business practices. And with his SAP customers, using the SAP connection gateway in Babelway ensured the highest level of security with a dedicated RFC connection to exchange data.

Ease of Use

Another important feature for Henny was a platform that was easy to use. With Babelway, even as a business user, Henny could build integration flows for his customers without contracting development resources. This resulted in better costs for his customers and faster integration turnaround. Babelway also offers tools to copy and reuse existing flows, allowing him to on-board new customers even faster.

Apart from the platform features, Henny also mentioned the importance of the Babelway support team for his business. In case there was a challenge he needed assistance with, the support team was available to walk him through a solution.

“They are very good people that are eager and very committed to the work. They have the ability to look into the system and see what I did, advise me and provide me very good answers. It’s something I really appreciate.”

The Future of B2B Integration

To Henny, Babelway is a powerful tool that allows to start small and expand gradually. You know you have a solution that can handle anything that maybe required, including what you don’t know yet. He recommends it to any company that needs to start B2B integration.

“Babelway has a low entry point. It’s easy to start, easy to connect, easy to understand.”

If you’d like to discuss Henny’s experience with Babelway or consult with him on starting your SAP integration, he’s happy to share his Babelway experience. Contact him at

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