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The Zen of SaaS B2B Integration: Always Latest and Greatest—With Zero Impact & Delay

By Mathieu Pasture
September 02, 2015

Why are some apps so easy to use and require zero maintenance, while others—really critical for your operations—are such a pain to upgrade and maintain?

It’s almost as if the more important the software is for your business, the more it costs to maintain. It’s certainly seems so with EDI software.

Contrast that with pure SaaS B2B integration.

We’ve just released a version 4.0 of Babelway, and you may have not even noticed— save the new flat design. This design brings the visual focus back on the data of your environment. It makes your data easy to read and navigation easier to understand.

Did you know we had 17 releases over the last 12 months?

On average, that’s a new release every three weeks!

These releases ensure that:

  • You are always compliant with regulations and latest technologies
  • You do not have organize a lengthy “upgrade project”, but gradually — and mostly without even noticing—consume bite-sized improvements over time

In other words, you always run the “latest and greatest” with zero impact on your operations.

That is a true advantage of pure SaaS B2B integration over bulky EDI software.

Here’s how SaaS puts control straight in your hands

Similar to the modern apps that are easy to learn, we are on the mission to make the complex B2B integration processes accessible to non-technical business users.

With Babelway, you and your team can easily build new connections, and manage all of your integration interfaces from one easy to use web application — without IT!

That’s why the new version encapsulates many improvements in the way you build and manage your connections: such as a new mapping tool with a formula bar, a new tab structure for the channels or the new ‘use and save time’ section. From a technical perspective, these were more challenging than introducing a new design.

Can pure SaaS work at big scale?

How does 20.000.000 messages sound?

That’s how many messages have been exchanged by Babelway during a year.

Babelway lets you connect thousands of trading partners in less than half of the time and at up to 80% less cost of a traditional EDI solution. Babelway processes millions of messages from companies like Coca Cola, BMW and Walmart and easily integrates with any ERP system.

Imagine never waiting for others and spending money on EDI connections again…

Are you wondering if pure SaaS B2B integration is the right fit for your business?

Babelway is easy and free to try, and we’ll be happy to provide you a personal demo and discuss your specific requirements.

Just drop us a note at info@babelway.local or call us at +1 (404) 664-6789 (+32 10 390 013 for Europe).

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