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Say Goodbye to Software Upgrades

By Mathieu Pasture
November 26, 2014

You know that sinking feeling. A pop-up appears out of nowhere, or maybe it’s an email from your software vendor, but the end result is the same: another software update is required.

Businesses often view software as an asset, with upfront costs for purchasing and installation followed by long-term benefits. What many businesses don’t anticipate are the costs that come after installation for maintenance. Many software vendors contribute to the confusion by downplaying these costs and the effort that it takes to migrate from one software version to the next. The problem is that avoiding migration can decrease the value of your original software investment.

This issue is particularly relevant for B2B integration, which demands a high level of flexibility and customization to accommodate requests from multiple companies. Often, the application code for B2B integration software has been customized to accommodate these requests. This makes software updates a nightmare for everyone involved, and the consequences can reach as far as harming your partner relationships or failing to adhere to compliance standards.

Fortunately, multi-tenant, software-as-a-service platforms have brought an end to the drawbacks of software updates. Much has been written about the benefits of SaaS technology. Instead of high maintenance costs, software upgrades are included in a regular subscription fee. Better yet, users can enjoy more regular updates without giving them any thought. While on-premise software may be updated every two years, SaaS platforms can be updated regularly in months or weeks with no disruption to current users.

In the context of B2B integration, this means that message maps and partner connectivity remain unchanged, and you don’t need to worry about unexpected costs, difficult conversations with partners or maintaining regulatory compliance.

Like the sound of that? So did we, which is why we developed the first SaaS solution for B2B integration in 2007 with Babelway. With major releases six times per year and minor updates every two weeks, Babelway offers unprecedented benefits and control to its users. See for yourself with a short demonstration of our platform, or try it in any web browser – no software download required.

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