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Retailer LIDL Promotes the Move to EDI

By Mathieu Pasture
January 10, 2013

Babelway is pleased to announce a new initiative for 2013, along with international retailer LIDL!

With over 8000 outlets in more than 24 countries, LIDL is particularly concerned with supply chain efficiency. As a new initiative for 2013, the retailer has contacted Belgian suppliers to encourage them to implement EDI.

Babelway is well-suited to the task. Not only has the company worked with LIDL suppliers in the past, but Babelway’s catalogue also maintains a strong inventory of connectors for the food and retail distribution sectors. With extensive experience and numerous existing gateways, Babelway will ensure a smooth transition for all suppliers while instituting e-invoicing and greatly improving supply chain efficiency.

Contact us to learn more about this initiative.

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