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By Mathieu Pasture
June 10, 2013

The Babelway Integration platform is the natural partner of ERP applications that need to integrate multi-company supply chains.

PMIGEST understood it back in 2008, at the time of the very first Babelway partner program.

PMIGEST markets ERP applications for SME of 5 to 200 people active in various sectors such as food processing, pharmaceutical, industrial, etc. These companies must often address the EDI requests of retailers such as Carrefour, Delhaize, Metro and others. They require a very affordable solution, from a technical as well as economical point of view.

PMIGEST is convinced that the SaaS model of Babelway enables to deploy EDI more efficiently than before, at the highest satisfaction of customers. Thanks to this approach PMIGEST is the first point of contact of customers for whom EDI and ERP are combined and that’s how they want it.

In the early days, Babelway provided extended support for each customer installation or new partner interface. This support decreased progressively as Babelway improved its Self-Service interfaces and PMIGEST acquired experience.

Today most PMIGEST customers requiring EDI enjoy the combined service. Thanks to the Babelway platform, PMIGEST provides an integrated solution, including the security, availability and performance guarantees that are necessary for critical real-time flows of orders, delivery notes or invoices.

Together we built the various ‘mappings’ for nearly all Belgian and French retailers, such that a request for a new B2B interface communicated to PMIGEST can be carried out extremely quickly via the Self-Service interfaces of Babelway.

This model brings benefits in terms of cost, speed and transparency to all parties involved, from the supplier to the client and their respective service providers.

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