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Partner HubBroker Launches Babelway Mobile App

By Mathieu Pasture
October 22, 2012

HubBroker, a Babelway partner, now provides a mobile application for 24/7 control and monitoring of EDI activities through Babelway. The app’s purpose is to give customers up-to-date information on their B2B transformations when they are out of the office, on the road or away.

“We are especially excited about this product not only because it provides additional flexibility to Babelway users, but also because it illustrates how a partner has leveraged the Babelway API to generate a new and compelling application,” said Francois Van Uffelen. “More and more vendors are looking to the Babelway platform to add value to their existing solution or build new applications, which we believe speaks strongly to our unique offerings for our partners.”

For more information on our B2B mobile application, please contact HubBroker at For more information on partnership opportunities with Babelway, please contact us.

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