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Did COFRUTEX beat a world-record ?

By Mathieu Pasture
April 22, 2013

Babelway and partner BIV team install new ERP integrated with retailer Delhaize in less than 1 week.

COFRUTEX is a Belgian company with a turnover of around 2 million EUR distributing packaged fruits. They concluded a key distribution agreement with the retailer Delhaize who imposed to set-up EDI exchanges prior to placing their first order.

On the 15th of last month, a Friday, they signed their Babelway contract to become the 75th Babelway customer to integrate with Delhaize’supply chain. They also signed the BIV Team contract to install their brand new ERP.

On the 19th, the new ERP is fully installed and configured, new message maps are developed in Babelway, end-to-end integration is in place.

On the 21st, the following Thursday, tests with Delhaize are complete. First exchanges of real orders and dispatch notes are successfully executed.

We are used to very rapid installations but this may well be a world-record for a comparable scope, no? We are proud to bring end-to-end integrated solutions also to companies like COFRUTEX.

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