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Babelway Successfully Launches Babelway 3.0 in Paris

By Mathieu Pasture
October 17, 2012

Babelway is pleased to announce the successful exhibition of its newest integration solution – Babelway 3.0 – at the Les Salons Solutions event in Paris earlier this month. The event was the third annual meeting Les Salons Solutions is a business management event focusing on solutions for ERP, CRM, online archiving, management information systems, e-commerce, finance and more. The event focuses on the particular needs of companies within systems, applications and enterprise software.

With an audience of potential partners including integration service providers and application vendors, Babelway hoped to showcase its unique value add for these companies. In particular, Babelway provides a platform for developers to build packaged integration connectors, and enables vendors to offer highly customized and effective integration solutions for their applications.

Babelway’s Managing Director, Francois Van Uffelen, also presented a speech at the event concerning B2B integration in the cloud. Discussing modern trends in the industry as well as key benefits of integration in the cloud, he illustrated the need to build efficiencies in B2B integration for an audience of both business leaders and IT managers.

“While we have a few customers in France, I was excited to exhibit directly to the French market at Les Salons Solutions” said Francois. “I believe the event was a success for our company. Fellow attendees were very knowledgeable about the EDI market and appreciated the unique value of the Babelway platform. I think many welcomed a fresh approach to B2B electronic document exchange, which of course is our main focus at Babelway.”

With the exciting release of Babelway 3.0, the company looks forward to more success stories for its customers in the French market.

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