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Babelway integrates with Lasku, a brand-new on-line invoicing application

By Mathieu Pasture
March 06, 2012

Lasku is a new invoicing application available on-line. The application is based on modern ruby-on-rails technology and was successfully launched a few months ago. It is particularly elegant and easy-to-use. Lasku is currently available in French. English and Dutch languages are on the roadmap.

Lasku and Babelway integrated their applications. This enables Lasku customers to access Babelway services, such as invoice electronic signature, legal archiving or EDI invoicing. Through this integration, it is easier for Lasku customers to automatically exchange electronic invoices with other Babelway partners available though the Babelway catalogue.

We are particularly happy about this new partnership that provides an option for smaller companies to easily issue electronic invoices in compliance with regulatory constraints and/or demands from their partners.

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