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Babelway goes full monty (in invoicing)

By Mathieu Pasture
May 06, 2014

Some customers request their invoice in PDF format, others want an XML version for direct accounting software integration, yet others will stick to paper invoices. The result ? Switching to electronic invoicing is a more complex process than before. Handling exceptions takes time. Cost reductions are harder to reach than expected.

Babelway enables to really simplify the invoicing process and achieve rapid cost reductions while addressing positively the requests of your clients. How? You send your invoices to Babelway via one single method and Babelway sends them the way your customer wants (electronic or paper). The customer wants a change to the format or to the reception electronic address? No problem, Babelway handles the request automatically. You don’t have to do anything. That’s what we call the ‘full monty’.

Using the Babelway platform to send invoices brings multiple benefits in addition to simplification and cost reductions as we explained in this article: 5 reasons to use an integration platform.

The implementation is ultra fast. You keep your usual invoicing application, Babelway just plugs into it. You are then able to track the sending of your invoices, check the reception by your customers, download or resend invoices. Babelway also archives securely for a period of 10 years in accordance with legal requirements. The advantages are obvious: no paper archives anymore, cost reductions and higher customer satisfaction

Etilux manufactures and sells professional products like labelling solutions, bar code identification, adhesives and packaging products throughout the world. André Gilkin, CIO and Thierry Adam, E-business Manager say: “Etilux wanted to work with a single service provider which centralized the sending of electronic invoices as well as the printing, folding and mailing of paper invoices. Our objectives were to rapidly reduce our invoicing costs, issue bills faster and offer our clients access to their invoice history. We selected Babelway because they also provide us with long-term perspectives in addition to meet our objectives. For example, Babelway provides other features such as the EDI exchange of orders and despatch notes with suppliers and customers”

In short:

  • Impress and satisfy your customers
  • Reduce costs by up to 75%.
  • Send faster, track better
  • Ultra fast implementation
  • Compatible with your current invoicing application

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