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A Match Made in Heaven: Arco Integrates the Babel-Way

By Mathieu Pasture
September 25, 2014

Our partner network is growing! Babelway is thrilled to add Arco Information to our network, and to see our platform enabling new opportunities for Arco and its customers. But what makes any new relationship a success? Read on for more tips, whether you’re seeking a partner in life or in SaaS-land.

Arco chose a relationship with Babelway for four key reasons:

1. We don’t expect a mind reader. Thanks to Babelway’s intuitive web interfaces, Arco can deploy integrated partners for their customers immediately and easily. Arco keeps full control with a do-it-yourself platform, so they don’t need additional software or IT experts.

2. We communicate directly. With Babelway, document flows travel directly from Arco and integrated partners with no intermediary, eliminating the risk of documents stuck in transit and lost visibility into flows.

3. We’re not high maintenance. With no software to install or maintain, Arco is guaranteed to have a solution that always complies with the latest technologies and regulations. In fact, Babelway is updated every 2 weeks, with major releases every 6 weeks.

4. We won’t break the bank. Our cloud-based multi-tenant delivery model enables Arco to offer a complete solution for their clients, at a much lower price point than typical alternatives.

Most importantly, any relationship should make you better. For Babelway, this important agreement adds another partner to our network of software editors and technology companies. For Arco, they can now use the Babelway platform to expand the functionalities of their own solution.

Arco Information develops, sells and implements software products in the domain of document management, electronic archiving, workflow management and mail management. Along with its own software, Arco also offers solutions for scanning, OCR and forms management. As the number of e-invoices exchanged in structured format continues to rapidly increase, Arco chose Babelway to reinforce its offering with the ability to receive, send and archive e-invoices in all different formats and in a flexible and easy way.

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