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A Babelway connector for Exact Software

By Mathieu Pasture
December 20, 2011

Exact Software delivers sophisticated business software solutions to over 100,000 local and international companies. Exact Software and Babelway have released a connector to post electronic invoices automatically into an Exact software account (ExactOnline, Globe or ProAcc) from any other external system. Exact Software users access a list of received e-invoices when they connect to their Exact Software account. No more manual input or visit to any other systems.
The connector handles purchase invoices, sales invoices or credit notes. An additional benefit is that all e-invoices processed by the Babelway connector can be legally and securely archived.

The connector is available from the Babelway catalogue. The configuration can be done by anyone with a Babelway account. This is yet another superb example of how to use Babelway to automate exchanges of electronic business documents.

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