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How Delfood / Délitraiteur improves their EDI system

By Mathieu Pasture
August 31, 2016

“We have almost forgotten that before, adding new trading partners meant buying services from an EDI supplier. Thanks to Babelway, that’s now behind us”

– Philippe Colon, IT Systems Director, Delfood-Délitraiteur

The Company

Delfood/délitraiteur is part an important retailing group with over 500 sales outlets in Belgium.

The Business Challenge

the company runs electronic document exchanges with a large amount of suppliers. The company diagnosed that the current technical platform could not satisfy the needs of the expected growth of the electronic traffic. The company reviewed various options to better control their EDI exchanges with suppliers.

The Solution

Babelway originally stood as an outsider. The company decided to launch a pilot project with a single supplier while keeping all options open. Over time, the use of Babelway was extended to several suppliers. The company is now progressively migrating its EDI exchanges towards Babelway. The use of the SaaS solution of Babelway allows to avoid important capital expenditures that would have been necessary with alternatives.

Key Benefits

the company gained in control and flexibility for the various requests for automated electronic exchanges. One of the most important benefits has been the deployment of new electronic exchanges without disrupting other IT projects and without any changes to the internal IT environment. Only one single month was necessary between the beginning of the collaboration with Babelway and the first flows in production environment.

Technical data

Protocols used for this case were AS/2 and FTP. Message formats were EDIFACT and fixed length flat files. The use of additional protocols and formats are possible in the future.

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