4.31 : 12 FEB 2018

Technical debt
[BABELWAY-1881] – Audit log – reprocessing messages.
[BABELWAY-3589] – Renew certificate .babelway.net
[BABELWAY-3981] – MHS preparation : Create monthly report with usages of envs wrt sla
[BABELWAY-3991] – MHS prepare selfservice – Phase 1 (id message record + onlyOneMed)
[BABELWAY-3992] – MHS – Phase 2 – Document Id -> hub_uuid
[BABELWAY-4006] – Issue with Gateway MessageRecord filter
[BABELWAY-4009] – MHS – Phase 1
[BABELWAY-4027] – Reactivate hids monitoring
[BABELWAY-4035] – Create automated performance report
[BABELWAY-4038] – Add server id on system status error pages
[BABELWAY-4040] – Security Vulnerability Issue in the “Message In” and “Message Out” for the “Loop” node
[BABELWAY-4043] – Issue with postgres.sh updateConfig
[BABELWAY-4050] – Fix backup logArchive error
[BABELWAY-4051] – Choose MHS storage
[BABELWAY-4086] – Add graph for backups in monitoring
[BABELWAY-4098] – Automate usability kpi meeting report
[BABELWAY-4110] – Document test4 creation
[BABELWAY-4112] – Selfservice launchMain – do not execute document query
[BABELWAY-4118] – Channel undeployable because of internal gateway not deploy in send 997 not checked
[BABELWAY-4119] – Bug in MRStatsStatus: filter doesn’t work as expected
[BABELWAY-4120] – Spelling error 997 transfer metadata tooltip
[BABELWAY-4121] – Increase capacity of CleanTooOldMessagesJob
[BABELWAY-4123] – Better resilience in ClientGatewayInHelper and ServerGatewayOutHelper
[BABELWAY-4124] – Add threshold on too many open file
[BABELWAY-4125] – Dropbox ctach better invalid credential and stop crash on destroy
[BABELWAY-4126] – Improve FTP client out connection error message
[BABELWAY-4127] – Properly handle Transformations with no historical MappingUI
[BABELWAY-4128] – Relax PEPPOL SBDH validation
[BABELWAY-4129] – Regex never ends in custom identifier
[BABELWAY-4131] – LookupTableMultiCriteriaValue missing configurations and bad example
[BABELWAY-4133] – Prevent mismatch during message resubmit
[BABELWAY-4134] – Peppol: Adjust Y axis for peppol graph
[BABELWAY-4136] – Standardize tabulations on infra files and scripts
[BABELWAY-4137] – Make built testcases independent from the other builds
[BABELWAY-4138] – Ignore deleting an non existing partner in PEPPOL deployment
[BABELWAY-4141] – Add manageability features to ClientGatewayInHelper
[BABELWAY-4143] – Enforce ftpClient timeout
[BABELWAY-4146] – Support FTP server requiring TLS session reuse for control and data socket
[BABELWAY-4147] – Migrate test2 to i3 instance.
[BABELWAY-4148] – Add graph on disk bandwidth in monitoring
[BABELWAY-4149] – Remove “scheduler.polling” from messaging engine properties and from secure files
[BABELWAY-4151] – MHS – Remote Service interface + migration to new MHS server
[BABELWAY-4153] – Improve ECGRID error messages
[BABELWAY-4155] – Fix configuration loading for scheduler
[BABELWAY-4156] – changeDateTimeFormat – EFE help for formatIn does not reflect Help guide
[BABELWAY-4157] – SFTP Client OUT – directory param should appear in general, not only properties
[BABELWAY-4159] – LookUp Tables – show lines where value is not null, even if analysis failed
[BABELWAY-4161] – LookUp Tables – columns filter not working
[BABELWAY-4164] – Fix timeout in MessageRecord gatewayin
[BABELWAY-4165] – Types de Documents PEPPOL – fix need
[BABELWAY-4166] – Fix filename size of ServerGatewayOutHelper
[BABELWAY-4167] – Fix ipsec script
[BABELWAY-4168] – Fix release script for httpd
[BABELWAY-4169] – Add history line when deploying smp
[BABELWAY-4170] – Fix FTP init issue
[BABELWAY-4172] – Fix monitoring graph for database connections (unknown values)
[BABELWAY-4173] – Issue while loading two different certificates with the same DN
[BABELWAY-4174] – Aggregator should fail on error
[BABELWAY-4176] – Pdf – can’t select elements in loop when page is > 1
[BABELWAY-4179] – FAQ mercurius
[BABELWAY-4182] – Gateway run infos -> prevent from crashing if could not connect to ME
[BABELWAY-4184] – Automate monthly server security validation
[BABELWAY-4185] – Fix backup monitoring
[BABELWAY-4189] – HubRuntime is destroyed after expiration time even if message still in processing
[BABELWAY-4198] – Fix in aggregator error handling
[BABELWAY-4199] – Avoid adding link to message record for large lists
[BABELWAY-4200] – Better texts for aggregator
[BABELWAY-4206] – ClientGatewayOutHelper -> limit concurrent message size
[BABELWAY-4207] – MHS – Phase 2 – test case result handling
[BABELWAY-4212] – SOC2/ISO27001 audit preparation
[BABELWAY-4213] – SOC2/ISO27001 audit
[BABELWAY-4214] – EFE nextCounterValue -> description is false
[BABELWAY-4215] – align invoice amount to the right
[BABELWAY-4222] – Allow everyone on test
[BABELWAY-4231] – Enable selfservice management service call remote interface
[BABELWAY-4234] – MHS – Phase 2 – MessageHistoryService
[BABELWAY-4240] – Improve error message when thread took too much time to complete
[BABELWAY-4243] – Add headers in PEPPOL MDN in file
[BABELWAY-4244] – Re-add the intermediate gateway out status update for Eprior
[BABELWAY-4245] – Aggregation issue with delete_text
[BABELWAY-4246] – Pdf Test Extraction Ajax call should be using POST (url is too long)
[BABELWAY-4247] – CrossHubUser Creation disallow multiple call at once
[BABELWAY-4248] – Avoid NPE in CSV message definition
[BABELWAY-4250] – SQL exception in Client gateway
[BABELWAY-4252] – Mercurius : label change on static page
[BABELWAY-4253] – Allow gateway out logs in ServerGatewayOutHelper
[BABELWAY-4256] – Add backlogs to anomalies
[BABELWAY-4261] – Enable MessagingHistory through infra
[BABELWAY-4265] – Error in the summary returned by getStatus in ClientGatewayOutHelper
[BABELWAY-4266] – Xml to Json – guess default type if not explicitly set
[BABELWAY-4267] – PDF does not load when clicking on “Fix and relaunch”
[BABELWAY-4268] – Tradeshift IN gateway – create the message in error if tags/properties cannot be set
[BABELWAY-4271] – Waiting for human interaction: do not wait if it’s a test case
[BABELWAY-4276] – Patch for meltdown and spectre
[BABELWAY-4279] – Fix FTPServerOutTest
[BABELWAY-4280] – Add some log on soap
[BABELWAY-4281] – Update FAQ Tom&Co
[BABELWAY-4282] – Support streaming to database
[BABELWAY-4307] – Log Tradeshift API responses for CSAP and Legacy VAN
[BABELWAY-4314] – Operations log are restored outside /mnt/backup/tmp folder.
[BABELWAY-4347] – SMP – Wrong peppol identifier scheme

Customer Projects
[BABELWAY-4089] – Tradeshift : 250MB limit for zip
[BABELWAY-4109] – Migration of Supplier name in Mercurius
[BABELWAY-4180] – Peppol Search text change
[BABELWAY-4190] – Mercurius : SimplEprior – Phase 1 (Issue 161)
[BABELWAY-4221] – Fix on LegalEntityManager
[BABELWAY-4277] – Enable tomcat memory configuration for I3 + re-create oneshot

Platform Evolution
[BABELWAY-3572] – PCI-DSS : add MFA to SSH
[BABELWAY-4008] – VAN Gateway Improvements – analysis
[BABELWAY-4073] – AS2 delete old certificate parameters
[BABELWAY-4096] – Redesign User Management
[BABELWAY-4097] – Redesign help menu
[BABELWAY-4113] – Catalog Help Guide Updates

4.29 : 3 DEC 2017

Platform Evolution
[BABELWAY-1962] – Result of pollNow
[BABELWAY-2118] – Poll now for the GATEWAY IN (LOOKUPTABLE)
[BABELWAY-2134] – Warning for renewal of certificates of remote sites.
[BABELWAY-2532] – Date Time of Next/Last Polling
[BABELWAY-3667] – PDF Transformation rules front-end
[BABELWAY-3778] – Redesign User Management
[BABELWAY-3877] – Generic certificate migration tool
[BABELWAY-3922] – PDF feedback – show complete filename on hover tab
[BABELWAY-3923] – Move AS2 certificate parameters to env. keystore
[BABELWAY-3924] – Upgrade certificate picker
[BABELWAY-3983] – Rapport and notification specs
[BABELWAY-4012] – Handle big PDFs
[BABELWAY-4022] – Pdf In – Loading overlay when adding new items on long tables
[BABELWAY-4028] – Pdf design Marine – finalization
[BABELWAY-4032] – Pdf font support on Centos 7
[BABELWAY-4055] – Activate PDF for everyone
[BABELWAY-4056] – Pdf – error on fixed extractor when no field are extracted
[BABELWAY-4067] – Pdf Clear extractor picker when opening template settings
[BABELWAY-4068] – Pdf – When clicking on scroll bar, it closes the extractor editor.
[BABELWAY-4069] – Catalog Help Guide Updates
[BABELWAY-4071] – Pdf – XSS issues
[BABELWAY-4072] – Pdf – Handle test cases Pdf correctly
[BABELWAY-4074] – Pdf – Only accept Pdf that contains at least one text element.
[BABELWAY-4076] – Pdf – Exit template editor should warn when something is not saved.
[BABELWAY-4081] – Pdf – [BUG for production] Splitter is using parent pdfParser.
[BABELWAY-4083] – Pdf front end – Race condition on the selection start when updating a value extraction rule
[BABELWAY-4107] – Pdf – non-breaking space to normal space cleaning

Platform Development
[BABELWAY-3932] – Use postgres parallel queries
[BABELWAY-4023] – All Babelway support to search application logs
[BABELWAY-4042] – Automate the anonymization script
[BABELWAY-4058] – Improve the release script


4.28 : 29 OCT 2017


Platform Development
[BABELWAY-2637] – New runtime architecture – analysis
[BABELWAY-3844] – New runtime architecture – brainstorm
[BABELWAY-3961] – Change MonthlyKpi report
[BABELWAY-3969] – Creation of a release script

Platform Evolution
[BABELWAY-2249] – Monitoring threshold
[BABELWAY-3676] – Backup : external monitoring
[BABELWAY-3774] – PDF Multi template
[BABELWAY-3791] – Rapport and notification
[BABELWAY-3876] – PDF – Design Marine step design
[BABELWAY-3930] – Pdf – Fix test case validation node
[BABELWAY-3936] – Pdf Thread safety issues
[BABELWAY-3937] – Pdf – Change of text for split and template matching
[BABELWAY-3950] – Pdf – Performance image hash
[BABELWAY-3963] – Pdf – Performance front end
[BABELWAY-3966] – Pdf – NullPointerException at PdfTemplateDefinitionMapWebTypeHandler.doTag
[BABELWAY-3998] – Pdf – Size of the page aren’t correct.
[BABELWAY-4002] – Pdf – disable manual selection when selecting a template matching rule
[BABELWAY-4016] – PDF – make fix validation error workflow a non-advanced setting
[BABELWAY-4020] – Fix messages status (in_delivery) in gateway out emails

4.27 : 8 OCT 2017


Platform Development
[BABELWAY-3868] – Incoming messages acceptance strategy

Platform Evolution
[BABELWAY-3669] – PDF Workflow – integration layout
[BABELWAY-3726] – PDF Error handling when extractor couldn’t find value
[BABELWAY-3776] – PDF Splitter backend
[BABELWAY-3777] – PDF Workflow backend reactivation
[BABELWAY-3780] – File extension name in message out
[BABELWAY-3799] – PDF Feedback – When multiple, choose between “first” “last” or “select more surrounding labels”
[BABELWAY-3800] – Pdf – image extraction
[BABELWAY-3808] – Changes in invoices Babelway INC
[BABELWAY-3809] – Default environment price-plan
[BABELWAY-3811] – Analysis: generic certificate migration tool
[BABELWAY-3835] – PDF Feedback – Hide multi page options when only one page.
[BABELWAY-3836] – PDf Feedback – Delete sample from template. Only allow 5 maximum.
[BABELWAY-3845] – PDF – Error selection of items without delimiters
[BABELWAY-3853] – Regression – Create Taulia Gateway Out
[BABELWAY-3857] – PDF – multi tables
[BABELWAY-3862] – Customer Feedback: Label Change – “revert” to “revert to”
[BABELWAY-3871] – Preserve Delimiters in X12 Splitter on Gateway In
[BABELWAY-3872] – Pdf In – check if Files Uploaded are PDFs.
[BABELWAY-3875] – Pdf – In delimiter step, show alignment (but no edit)
[BABELWAY-3878] – Pdf – zendesk + dev bug
[BABELWAY-3885] – Pdf – Pdf extraction engine parametrization and migration to pdf box 2.7
[BABELWAY-3891] – Pdf – Bug when extraction of skip zones fails.
[BABELWAY-3897] – PDF Splitter refactoring
[BABELWAY-3898] – PDF Splitter front-end
[BABELWAY-3905] – PDF front end test case v1
[BABELWAY-3913] – Remove broken Google search
[BABELWAY-3915] – Fix testDelayAndUnzip testcase
[BABELWAY-3919] – Heap – User Role Tracking
[BABELWAY-3921] – PDf feedback – action edit template button

4.26 : 3 SEP 2017

Platform Evolution
[BABELWAY-3627] – PDF generation of message definition for multi template (Only for beta-testers)
[BABELWAY-3631] – PDF Design v1 (Only for beta-testers)
[BABELWAY-3634] – Lookup Table Enhancement: 5 Column criteria, 20 columns
[BABELWAY-3657] – Add search on a list of uuid in the message grid
[BABELWAY-3666] – PDF Multi templates algorithm (Only for beta-testers)
[BABELWAY-3668] – PDF Transformation rules backend (Only for beta-testers)
[BABELWAY-3670] – PDF Workflow – backend (Only for beta-testers)
[BABELWAY-3725] – PDF Multi page tables support (Only for beta-testers)
[BABELWAY-3727] – PDF Bug fixes (Only for beta-testers)
[BABELWAY-3732] – Reset Button With Confirmation
[BABELWAY-3740] – PDF refactoring (Only for beta-testers)
[BABELWAY-3744] – PDF loop extractor only looks in his row and not in other rows (Only for beta-testers)
[BABELWAY-3757] – NullPointerException in LegacyUnwrapperExtraProcessing with pdfUnwrap=true
[BABELWAY-3760] – Create PDF from channel should link the new message definition to the channel
[BABELWAY-3761] – Change field and table item names in interface possible for PDF In (Only for beta-testers)
[BABELWAY-3762] – Babelway function to calculate the check digit for GS1 code
[BABELWAY-3773] – PDF miniwalkthrough + gif v1 (Only for beta-testers)
[BABELWAY-3796] – Beta Test activation for PDF

Platform Development
[BABELWAY-3697] – Allow updateConfigAndDeploy for gateway/messagingengine/selfservice
[BABELWAY-3698] – Do not keep unused revisions of testcases anymore
[BABELWAY-3768] – Better error messages in RemoteInvocationHandler

4.25 : 23 JUL 2017

Platform Development
[BABELWAY-2771] – Check infrastructure and middleware performance
[BABELWAY-3571] – Simplify oftp configuration
[BABELWAY-3576] – Change email address of Monthly Kpi stats”
[BABELWAY-3646] – Change price plan for GovLU
[BABELWAY-3662] – Add errorDescriptionRegex in rest api

Platform Evolution
[BABELWAY-2354] – Implement solution for X12 sub-elements.
[BABELWAY-2365] – ISO27001 External Audit
[BABELWAY-3145] – PDF edition – beta
[BABELWAY-3377] – User Analytics
[BABELWAY-3414] – Integration Zendesk
[BABELWAY-3528] – PDF business workflow
[BABELWAY-3550] – Inline manual
[BABELWAY-3552] – Complete PCI-DSS
[BABELWAY-3558] – Preserve Delimiters in X12 When No Transformation is Selected
[BABELWAY-3644] – REST get Channel by id

4.21 : 30 APR 2017


BABELWAY-3133 Implement priceplans 2017 (V1)
BABELWAY-3153 Send 997 for incoming interchange with multiple transactions
BABELWAY-2990 Self Service Wizard: Expect Acknowledgement on X12 Edifact OUT
BABELWAY-3309 GXS ICS support for FTP Client In

4.20 : 19 FEB 2017

  • It is now possible to send 997/APERAK messages automatically. Read about the new feature here.
  • Messages can now be ‘paused’ using extra processing, if your calls need to be delayed.
  • The ‘Chorus Pro’ gateway now enables e-Invoicing to the French government via their Chorus Pro portal.
  • Security improvements including harden SSH/SSL configuration and Cross-Site Port Attack mitigation.

4.19 : 15 JAN 2017

  • New search operators. Read about them here.
  • New BabelAcademy training platform. Enroll here.
  • Improved some error messages and pages
  • Simplified HTTP Client gateway settings

4.18 : 27 NOV 2016

  • Improved funtion editing and readability in the formula bar
  • It’s now possible to download message records zip file directly from the babelway web service
  • Improved lookup table function for setLookupTableEntry()
  • Improved EDIFACT wizard for PIA segment looping
  • Added username/password entry for REST gateway

**Please note, release naming convention has been changed from 4.0.# t o 4.#

4.0.15 : 6 SEP 2016

  • A new validation feature, allowing a strict validation of the expected message strcuture
  • The new document V2 module
  • The support for the danish NemHendel
  • Update in user section, to ease management of a larger number of users
  • A walktrough to guide the first time user

4.0.14 : 7 AUG 2016

  • Added foundation for upcoming user controlled document module
  • Support added for Danish NemHandel protocol
  • Improvements to user management section
  • Mass loading of partners feature added

4.0.13 : 6 JUN 2016

  • Added features for specific customers
  • Minor bug fixes

4.0.12 : 19 JUN 2016

  • New Support for EDIFACT and X12. Read about all the changes here.
  • New Extra Processing
    • Zip Unwrapping in Gateway IN
    • XML Signature Validation on MessageDefinition IN
    • XML Signer on MessageDefinition OUT
    • Automatically close errors on IN/OUT Gateways and MessageDefinition
  • Support SHA-2 in AS2
  • Support diffie-hellman-group14-sha1 in SFTP Server

4.0.11 : 13 MAY 2016

  • Add ‘Try Catch’ extra-processing
  • Add ‘Auto-Close Error’ extra-processing on Gateway OUT
  • Support UTF16 charset in SAP parser

4.0.10 : 29 APR 2016

  • Add SubmitFeed for Amazon API gateway
  • Multilingual support
  • Support custom date format in date selection
  • Test / Production flag for RosettaNet Gateways

4.0.9 : 22 APR 2016

  • Generalisation for Trustweaver validation
  • Add EFFF UBL
  • 6-Month audit log storage locally

4.0.8 : 6 MAR 2016

  • Support PEPPOL SMK test environment
  • Add xpath function : setLookupTableEntryValue
  • Add Eprior Gateway
  • Add Amazon Marketplace API Gateway
  • Add new user role ‘Portal User’

4.0.7 : 14 FEB 2016

  • New retry strategy for (s)FTP client
  • Longer retry strategies for HTTP Client and SOAP Client
  • Increase JVM memory for gateways
  • Improved message queue (for synchronisation and logging)

4.0.6 : 13 JAN 2016

  • Better timezone support in visual mapping
  • External PGP encryption on all message storage
  • New email verification process for new users

4.0.5 : 15 DEC 2015

  • SoapClientOut response file available
  • Add RosettaNet Metadata and Asynchronous receipt
  • Add PEPPOL participant labels
  • Add content-disposition for HTTP Client gateway
  • Rewritten Test Case engine and GUI
  • Removal of local tempory storage of messages

4.0.4 : 25 NOV 2015

  • New message status management
  • UBL Profile and custom labeling
  • New Timeouts for (s)FTP gateways
  • PEPPOL available to all users
  • All intermediary files available on message record page
  • Inter-component communication improvement

4.0.3 : 23 OCT 2015

  • Support for OAUTH1a authentication
  • Support for PEPPOL migration process
  • Alllow configuration for (s)FTP Client post reading action

4.0.2 : 17 SEP 2015

  • Geolocalisation in registration process
  • Download AS2 Info as Zip file
  • Add Backup Log Files

4.0.1 : 4 SEP 2015

  • Babelway 4.0 new design
  • Export messages as a Zip file
  • Improved billing pages
  • Improved document handling
  • Trustweaver invoice validation
  • Ability to pause and resume message execution
  • Add TSU1 and TSU2 support

RELEASE 3.10.0 : 12 APR 2015

The release was completed this Sunday 12 Apr at 11:00 CEST. As usual, we are closely monitoring the platform over the next few days.

This release comes with the following new features :
  • Catalogue integration directly in the element creation
  • New Partner features
  • Support for multiple expression in regex extra processing
  • Add Zip Aggregation
  • Add support for babelway SUPPORT role
  • Add parsing, removeDuplicatesFromLoop and reverse functions
  • Partners extraction
  • Adding SoapAction http header property to SOAP client out Gateway
  • New mapping tool : better default values for empty fields when filling EFE.
  • Close errors for multiple messages.
  • New step whenSuccess for extra processing duplicateMessageIn.
It also resolves the following issues :
  • Fix Excel formatting of 0.00
  • Tracker #3609: Don’t show “Mapping” link for “NO TRANSFORM” transformation
  • Abstract2014PricePlan : bug fix when outsize is null.
  • Bug fix in AbstractOldPricePlan (ExtraChannels).
  • Bug fix in billing. X400/ISDN with out_size=null.
  • Added VAN in price plans (for intermediate release : only 2013 and 2014 price plans; not included in simulation)
  • Billing. Also include deleted messages.
  • [#3613] unbalanced ‘ in a filterloop create a saving…
  • [#3614] Choices in new mapping tool : Option can be dragged (and dropped !).
  • Adding pager for testCases grid in channel detail
  • Stop gracefully when test case failed at deployment time / – Refactor VIEWABLE_METADATA
  • Desactivate intercom.io on new mapping tool.
  • Show a error message in the SOAPwizard when wsdl define a SOAP 1.2 WS
  • Message definition creation from XSD – No more error in case of duplicate element with different namespaces.
  • Fix the way of checking UID duplicates as it was slowing the process of saving message definitions
  • Added a fix for InvalidPropertyValuesException that appear when duplicating AS2 gateway with null keyAlias – Bug 3434
  • Security fix : UserInfo that said wrongly that user is BabelwayAdmin.
  • Many small bugs on creation of gateways and message definitions
  • Http gateway improvements : now accessible in simple http, support URL parameters as metadata and makes WSDL anonymously accessible.
  • Bug fix in ArrayWebTypeHandler – display hidden.


3.9.3 : 1 FEB 2015

  • add ePrior (Belgium Gov) connector in the catalogue
  • add billtrust connector in the catalogue
  • the number of ‘extra processings’, if any, is now displayed in the ‘gateway ‘ tab and in the ‘message’ tab
  • add ‘strict mode’ option to lookup table: messages fail if a slave server is temporarily down
  • add legacyFilter=support for the filter function in old transformations

3.9.2: 4 JAN 2015:

  • Add support for s/edifact for Carrefour Spain
  • add UserComment in Rest API
  • fix concurrency issue in NumberUtil
  • migrate bif:cast to roundIfDouble

3.9.1: 14 DEC 2014:

New features:
  • new mapping tool. Formula bar v3 (spans).
  • new mapping tool : add detail of used user functions in ‘copy-paste’ version of formula.
  • BabelwayFunctions: truncate, check, fail.
  • add attachments to SOAP client gateway
Issues resolution:
  • ensure that a delay is set in case of PROTOCOL_VIOLATION error
  • bug fix for mappingUI migration.
  • support xslt include in new mapping tool validation
  • fix missing transformation test cases run during deployment
  • fix soap wizard for soap with more than 1 import
Technical Improvements:
  • change the implementation of Jets3tAbstractStore to use file system directly
  • price plans cleanings
  • add te3 and te4
  • upgrade of tu1 and tu2

3.9.0: 7 DEC 2014:

The New mapping is release for all new accounts. Existing accounts will be migrated during the next few weeks…

3.8.15: 23 NOV 2014

This release comes with the following changes :
– Improve logging for AS2 MDN processing, accessible from the ‘Show log’ button on the General tab of AS2 gateways
– Allow to remove signature of AS2 message or MDN without verification
– Add support for Http authentication using OAuth2 bearer
– Provide better control on acceptable http return code for httpClientOut and soapClientOut

3.8.13: 2 NOV 2014

This release further prepares the general release of the much expected new version of the Visual Transformation (still available in beta testing for users who request it). The release comes also with several fixes and improvements, among others :

– SoapClientOut: Add soapHeaders field
– Winbooks connector: support for IN + filename in OUT
– MS Excel: Remove limit of the number of decimal
– OFTP: only add file on queue for OFTP client

3.8.10: 28 SEPT 2014 – Beta Testing for New Visual Transformation, Send Alerts and Notifications directly to gateways

New visual transormation tool  (beta testing)

We have revamped completely the visual transformation functionality and are bringing major improvements. Mapping messages is becoming much more intuitive, creating and maintaining transformation functions is much easier.

This release is bringing this new development in beta test for selected users. It will be fully released once we have ironed out all bugs and feedback beta testers will encounter. Feel free to contact us to be included as beta tester.

Sending notifications to a channel gateway

So far, it was only possible to get notifications (success or failure of a message) via email. It is now possible to post notifications into a channel gateway.

This new feature enables to handle notifications as any other message, apply transformation rules, duplicate them, post them to external systems, etc.

Other improvements included in this release
  • System status and monitoring for private clouds
  • Option to add ‘comments’ on message records
  • Improve sorting of the list of routings
  • + bug fixes and technical improvements

3.8.5: 29 JUN 2014 – General availability for Message Definition Tree edition, Support for large files, New reporting, Winbooks connector, Secure Edifact

Greatly improved message definition edit screen

We announced a beta version in our last release, the new message definition edition screen is now released for all our users. It improves significantly the message validation by allowing to specify logical rules on dates, numbers, regular expression… It also comes with many ergonomic enhancements to enable a quick navigation (search, collapse, uncollapse) and a comfortable edition.

Support for large files up to 100MB of input

Babelway is now accepting input file up to 100MB in most gateway. Note that some local limitations still apply, like in mail attachments…

Initial release of Winbooks connector

Babelway and accounting software house ‘Winbooks’ deliver easy to use eInvoicing and EDI to Winbooks users.

New reporting feature

You can now schedule your message record exports directly from specialized Gateway In.

Support for secure edifact

Outbound edifact messages can now be signed (version 1994 & 1999). This is used in several European countries like Spain, Czech Republic, Austria…

3.8.4: 15 JUN 2014 – Alert improvements, Backup of message storage, Beta of Message Definition Tree edition

Alerts improvements

The alerts function has been simplified to fit better with the error management based now on the error status directly in the message record:

  • the comment field is now free text and searchable from the list page
  • the open / close status was removed
  • the attachments were removed. AS2 MDN are now available for all messages directly in the message record detail page.
  • internal representation was simplified.
Store and backups

Babelway has reviewed the backup policy for message data. We will now back them up every 6 hours. These backups, containing the encrypted messages data, are encrypted a second time using a technical key and kept in a different location than the primary store.

Message definition edit (admin preview)

The message definition edition has been completely reviewed in order to better fit the needs of our ‘advanced users’. The tool will be available in production, but only for Babelway admins.
At the next release (3.8.5), it will become the only tree, and the old one will be removed.

Issues resolution
  • Upgrade of jquery libs (-> jquery 1.11.0, jqgrid 4.6.0, jquery-ui 1.10.4).
  • Fixed #3403: Added test case for routing cache not invalidated
  • Fixed #3420: Smtp domain not displayed after “email address” field in smtp wizard
  • Add validation to CSV wizard in case of re-run the wizard to update an existing MD
  • Fix slowness issue in PDF wizard by removing <!DOCTYPE…> line if existing at the Xhtml template
  • migrate old secure chain
  • Fixed #[3415]: updated tutorial to use/display same data as in the automatic creation
  • Fixed some french typo in the tutorial
  • Fixed [#3420] Wizards should not start in multi-env mode
  • Excel wizard: Escape special characters if existing in header of provided excel sample to avoid failure happens when preparing MD
  • Fixed [#3389]: remove the last_run_message_key from a test_case when the corresponding message is not available anymore
  • Message resubmit: Show only IN gateways that linked to ON channels
  • Fixed [#3417]: addftp client support for SSL implicit
  • Add test for Oftp client polling
  • Avoid crash in MessageRecordProcessor.actionTrackEmailMessage when wrongly called.

3.8.2: 20 APR 2014 – GS1 France Demat – Lookup tables

New features:

GS1 France:
This release adds the necessary functionalities to comply to the GS1 France eInvoicing certification. It is also the first one of a series of releases leading to our next major addition to the platform: “Partners and Documents”.

Lookup Tables:
This release completes the overall maintenance of the lookup table pages started in release 3.8.1. For instance, it is now possible to import a CSV in a lookup table directly from the self-service.

Access to Self-Service data:
We have made reporting easier by providing xpath functions to make Self-Service grid data, like message records, available to channels runtime. These functions and related functionality will be improved and completed in the next releases…

Other Improvements:

There are also improvements for several customers specific gateways.

Issues resolution:

Year of “week of year”issue fixed.

Technical Improvements:

Finally, there are technical improvements move xslt parser from system space to application space

3.8.1: 28 MAR 2014 – Improvements to Lookup tables

See specific post

3.8.0: 10 MAR 2014 – SFTP – Multi-directory FTP – EDI viewer – ZIP extraction

This release contains several interesting new features as well as under the hood improvements.:

  • SFTP server out: A new type of gateway is now available for SFTP server OUT. It allows a SFTP client to connect to Babelway to retrieve processed messages. This completes the support for the SFTP protocol along with SFTP server IN, SFTP client IN and SFTP client Out.
  • Multi directory for FTP IN/OUT SFTP IN/OUT: This long awaited feature enables the usage of a single user name/password to reach several FTP server gateways IN or OUT. Concretely, users are now allowed to use the same username (and password) when defining FTP server gateway as long as a unique directory is selected. The navigation between folders is using regular FTP mechanisms. Please note that this feature is available for all existing FTP server gateways as well.
  • Edifact / X12 viewer
    Babelway provides now a human readable pdf version of Edifact and X12 document. The version provides a nice display including labels for segments and qualifiers for each information available in the document. Lines items are displayed in tables.
  • Support for regular expression for attachments in zip unwrapper extra processing / smtp out gateway
    It is now possible to extract several documents from a zip file and put them back as attachments of an email, preserving the original file name.
  • Consistency of validation for properties during revert, update from parent, duplicates, import …
    The underlying data access layer was improved to ensure a consistent validation of element properties whatever the process. This will fix known issues about AS2 unicity checks and a few others.

As usual, don’t hesitate to send us your feedback.