3.9.3 : 1 FEB 2015

  • add ePrior (Belgium Gov) connector in the catalogue
  • add billtrust connector in the catalogue
  • the number of ‘extra processings’, if any, is now displayed in the ‘gateway ‘ tab and in the ‘message’ tab
  • add ‘strict mode’ option to lookup table: messages fail if a slave server is temporarily down
  • add legacyFilter=support for the filter function in old transformations

3.9.2: 4 JAN 2015:

  • Add support for s/edifact for Carrefour Spain
  • add UserComment in Rest API
  • fix concurrency issue in NumberUtil
  • migrate bif:cast to roundIfDouble

3.9.1: 14 DEC 2014:

New features:
  • new mapping tool. Formula bar v3 (spans).
  • new mapping tool : add detail of used user functions in ‘copy-paste’ version of formula.
  • BabelwayFunctions: truncate, check, fail.
  • add attachments to SOAP client gateway
Issues resolution:
  • ensure that a delay is set in case of PROTOCOL_VIOLATION error
  • bug fix for mappingUI migration.
  • support xslt include in new mapping tool validation
  • fix missing transformation test cases run during deployment
  • fix soap wizard for soap with more than 1 import
Technical Improvements:
  • change the implementation of Jets3tAbstractStore to use file system directly
  • price plans cleanings
  • add te3 and te4
  • upgrade of tu1 and tu2

3.9.0: 7 DEC 2014:

The New mapping is release for all new accounts. Existing accounts will be migrated during the next few weeks…