3.8.15: 23 NOV 2014

This release comes with the following changes :
– Improve logging for AS2 MDN processing, accessible from the ‘Show log’ button on the General tab of AS2 gateways
– Allow to remove signature of AS2 message or MDN without verification
– Add support for Http authentication using OAuth2 bearer
– Provide better control on acceptable http return code for httpClientOut and soapClientOut

3.8.13: 2 NOV 2014

This release further prepares the general release of the much expected new version of the Visual Transformation (still available in beta testing for users who request it). The release comes also with several fixes and improvements, among others :

– SoapClientOut: Add soapHeaders field
– Winbooks connector: support for IN + filename in OUT
– MS Excel: Remove limit of the number of decimal
– OFTP: only add file on queue for OFTP client

3.8.10: 28 SEPT 2014 – Beta Testing for New Visual Transformation, Send Alerts and Notifications directly to gateways

New visual transormation tool  (beta testing)

We have revamped completely the visual transformation functionality and are bringing major improvements. Mapping messages is becoming much more intuitive, creating and maintaining transformation functions is much easier.

This release is bringing this new development in beta test for selected users. It will be fully released once we have ironed out all bugs and feedback beta testers will encounter. Feel free to contact us to be included as beta tester.

Sending notifications to a channel gateway

So far, it was only possible to get notifications (success or failure of a message) via email. It is now possible to post notifications into a channel gateway.

This new feature enables to handle notifications as any other message, apply transformation rules, duplicate them, post them to external systems, etc.

Other improvements included in this release
  • System status and monitoring for private clouds
  • Option to add ‘comments’ on message records
  • Improve sorting of the list of routings
  • + bug fixes and technical improvements

3.8.5: 29 JUN 2014 – General availability for Message Definition Tree edition, Support for large files, New reporting, Winbooks connector, Secure Edifact

Greatly improved message definition edit screen

We announced a beta version in our last release, the new message definition edition screen is now released for all our users. It improves significantly the message validation by allowing to specify logical rules on dates, numbers, regular expression… It also comes with many ergonomic enhancements to enable a quick navigation (search, collapse, uncollapse) and a comfortable edition.

Support for large files up to 100MB of input

Babelway is now accepting input file up to 100MB in most gateway. Note that some local limitations still apply, like in mail attachments…

Initial release of Winbooks connector

Babelway and accounting software house ‘Winbooks’ deliver easy to use eInvoicing and EDI to Winbooks users.

New reporting feature

You can now schedule your message record exports directly from specialized Gateway In.

Support for secure edifact

Outbound edifact messages can now be signed (version 1994 & 1999). This is used in several European countries like Spain, Czech Republic, Austria…

3.8.4: 15 JUN 2014 – Alert improvements, Backup of message storage, Beta of Message Definition Tree edition

Alerts improvements

The alerts function has been simplified to fit better with the error management based now on the error status directly in the message record:

  • the comment field is now free text and searchable from the list page
  • the open / close status was removed
  • the attachments were removed. AS2 MDN are now available for all messages directly in the message record detail page.
  • internal representation was simplified.
Store and backups

Babelway has reviewed the backup policy for message data. We will now back them up every 6 hours. These backups, containing the encrypted messages data, are encrypted a second time using a technical key and kept in a different location than the primary store.

Message definition edit (admin preview)

The message definition edition has been completely reviewed in order to better fit the needs of our ‘advanced users’. The tool will be available in production, but only for Babelway admins.
At the next release (3.8.5), it will become the only tree, and the old one will be removed.

Issues resolution
  • Upgrade of jquery libs (-> jquery 1.11.0, jqgrid 4.6.0, jquery-ui 1.10.4).
  • Fixed #3403: Added test case for routing cache not invalidated
  • Fixed #3420: Smtp domain not displayed after “email address” field in smtp wizard
  • Add validation to CSV wizard in case of re-run the wizard to update an existing MD
  • Fix slowness issue in PDF wizard by removing <!DOCTYPE…> line if existing at the Xhtml template
  • migrate old secure chain
  • Fixed #[3415]: updated tutorial to use/display same data as in the automatic creation
  • Fixed some french typo in the tutorial
  • Fixed [#3420] Wizards should not start in multi-env mode
  • Excel wizard: Escape special characters if existing in header of provided excel sample to avoid failure happens when preparing MD
  • Fixed [#3389]: remove the last_run_message_key from a test_case when the corresponding message is not available anymore
  • Message resubmit: Show only IN gateways that linked to ON channels
  • Fixed [#3417]: addftp client support for SSL implicit
  • Add test for Oftp client polling
  • Avoid crash in MessageRecordProcessor.actionTrackEmailMessage when wrongly called.

3.8.2: 20 APR 2014 – GS1 France Demat – Lookup tables

New features:

GS1 France:
This release adds the necessary functionalities to comply to the GS1 France eInvoicing certification. It is also the first one of a series of releases leading to our next major addition to the platform: “Partners and Documents”.

Lookup Tables:
This release completes the overall maintenance of the lookup table pages started in release 3.8.1. For instance, it is now possible to import a CSV in a lookup table directly from the self-service.

Access to Self-Service data:
We have made reporting easier by providing xpath functions to make Self-Service grid data, like message records, available to channels runtime. These functions and related functionality will be improved and completed in the next releases…

Other Improvements:

There are also improvements for several customers specific gateways.

Issues resolution:

Year of “week of year”issue fixed.

Technical Improvements:

Finally, there are technical improvements move xslt parser from system space to application space

3.8.1: 28 MAR 2014 – Improvements to Lookup tables

See specific post

3.8.0: 10 MAR 2014 – SFTP – Multi-directory FTP – EDI viewer – ZIP extraction

This release contains several interesting new features as well as under the hood improvements.:

  • SFTP server out: A new type of gateway is now available for SFTP server OUT. It allows a SFTP client to connect to Babelway to retrieve processed messages. This completes the support for the SFTP protocol along with SFTP server IN, SFTP client IN and SFTP client Out.
  • Multi directory for FTP IN/OUT SFTP IN/OUT: This long awaited feature enables the usage of a single user name/password to reach several FTP server gateways IN or OUT. Concretely, users are now allowed to use the same username (and password) when defining FTP server gateway as long as a unique directory is selected. The navigation between folders is using regular FTP mechanisms. Please note that this feature is available for all existing FTP server gateways as well.
  • Edifact / X12 viewer
    Babelway provides now a human readable pdf version of Edifact and X12 document. The version provides a nice display including labels for segments and qualifiers for each information available in the document. Lines items are displayed in tables.
  • Support for regular expression for attachments in zip unwrapper extra processing / smtp out gateway
    It is now possible to extract several documents from a zip file and put them back as attachments of an email, preserving the original file name.
  • Consistency of validation for properties during revert, update from parent, duplicates, import …
    The underlying data access layer was improved to ensure a consistent validation of element properties whatever the process. This will fix known issues about AS2 unicity checks and a few others.

As usual, don’t hesitate to send us your feedback.