RELEASE 3.10.0 : 12 APR 2015

The release was completed this Sunday 12 Apr at 11:00 CEST. As usual, we are closely monitoring the platform over the next few days.

This release comes with the following new features :
  • Catalogue integration directly in the element creation
  • New Partner features
  • Support for multiple expression in regex extra processing
  • Add Zip Aggregation
  • Add support for babelway SUPPORT role
  • Add parsing, removeDuplicatesFromLoop and reverse functions
  • Partners extraction
  • Adding SoapAction http header property to SOAP client out Gateway
  • New mapping tool : better default values for empty fields when filling EFE.
  • Close errors for multiple messages.
  • New step whenSuccess for extra processing duplicateMessageIn.
It also resolves the following issues :
  • Fix Excel formatting of 0.00
  • Tracker #3609: Don’t show “Mapping” link for “NO TRANSFORM” transformation
  • Abstract2014PricePlan : bug fix when outsize is null.
  • Bug fix in AbstractOldPricePlan (ExtraChannels).
  • Bug fix in billing. X400/ISDN with out_size=null.
  • Added VAN in price plans (for intermediate release : only 2013 and 2014 price plans; not included in simulation)
  • Billing. Also include deleted messages.
  • [#3613] unbalanced ‘ in a filterloop create a saving…
  • [#3614] Choices in new mapping tool : Option can be dragged (and dropped !).
  • Adding pager for testCases grid in channel detail
  • Stop gracefully when test case failed at deployment time / – Refactor VIEWABLE_METADATA
  • Desactivate on new mapping tool.
  • Show a error message in the SOAPwizard when wsdl define a SOAP 1.2 WS
  • Message definition creation from XSD – No more error in case of duplicate element with different namespaces.
  • Fix the way of checking UID duplicates as it was slowing the process of saving message definitions
  • Added a fix for InvalidPropertyValuesException that appear when duplicating AS2 gateway with null keyAlias – Bug 3434
  • Security fix : UserInfo that said wrongly that user is BabelwayAdmin.
  • Many small bugs on creation of gateways and message definitions
  • Http gateway improvements : now accessible in simple http, support URL parameters as metadata and makes WSDL anonymously accessible.
  • Bug fix in ArrayWebTypeHandler – display hidden.