PDF Error Resolution

This feature enable users, in the event of an Inbound PDF  generating validation errors, to fix the message and resubmit it easily. This is particularly handy if a client sends a custom PDF where sometimes a field is not well recognized and the message fails at the validation step. If this happens, a user can tell the system to send an automatic e-mail to the client sending the PDF. This client can then open the message, see the errors, fix them manually, and resubmit the message, without the intervention of a Babelway user.

For example, we define a new PDF IN message, with a simple validation on one of the fields:

If the PDF message extraction generates something other than a decimal for this field, the message will go in error.
But if we activate this error handling feature, in the PDF message definition properties, like this:

Then the message will not directly fall in error, but will have a new state: Waiting for user input

From here, you can click the new button: Fix and Relaunch, and access the error editor:

Once all the errors are fixed, you are able to resubmit the message.

And voilà!!

But now let’s go a step further. If you want your sender to fix these errors, simply go back to the properties, and add recipients to the recipient list:

Now, when a message falls into the ‘waiting for user input’ status, and email is sent to the defined recipients, and inside this e-mail they’ll find a link to access the error editor interface.

But this link is no ordinary link, no. This link uses TOKENS!!! This token that the link holds grants, for 7 days or until the message is either in success or in error, an access to the message, and this message only, without any login or other authorization. This means that anybody can, if they have this link, access the error editor page and fix the message. This means that the Babelway users can define a client to receive these links, and fix erroneous PDFs that they’ve sent.