Chapter 1. Introduction - Babelway concept

Babelway is a B2B integration Software-as-a-Service-SaaS. Babelway provides a data translation software and B2B communication gateways organised in a full-service proposition. Babelway services are fully available on-demand via a web-browser. There is no software or hardware to buy and maintain in-house, however Babelway is still under the full control of its users.

The main functions of Babelway are:

  • Babelway transports electronic messages between two parties.

  • Babelway transforms messages from an input to an output format (csv, xml, Excel, flat file, EDI,...).

  • Babelway stores messages in a secure way for a defined period of time. The archiving system is compliant with EU legal requirements.

Note: Babelway is supported by all browsers that were made available from 2012 to today and that are up to date in terms of security standards.