2.2. Page structure

All the pages of the system have the following elements (see figure):

Page structure

Figure 2.2. Page structure

  • The top bar is to show you in which environment you are working. It displays:

    • Name of the current user.

    • The environment you are working in. This is only available if you have access to multiple environments. In this case, you can also switch from one environment to another (just click on the arrow at the right of the name of the environment).

    • The logout button.

  • The menu allows you to go to the different parts of the system.

    • Home just allows you to return to the welcome page of the system.

    • You'll find in the Monitoring section all the functionalities needed to follow and manage all the messages processed by the system, once the flow of messages is defined.

    • In the Channels section, you'll be able to define how the messages will be processed by the system.

    • The Admin section gives you access to the parameters of your environments, your bills, the management of the users that may access your account, ...

  • The page introduction is a short inline help for the page. See help for more details.

  • The page title and page body contains the data of the page, and are specific to each page.

  • The Help Us Improve button allows you to easily contact Babelway. It is also described in more details in the help section.

  • The Need help button allows you to access Babelway Help Guide. See help for more details.