2.3. Finding help

In the interface, you will find many methods to get help. Most of this help is available via the help menu, which can be found at the right of the interface.

Need help?

Figure 2.3. Need help?

  • Page introduction. At the begining of every page, a short text gives you contextual help about the page.

    Page introduction

    Figure 2.4. Page introduction

    If you don't want to see it anymore, just close it by clicking the X which can be found in the end of the page production paragraph next to (Read more) phrase., and it will also not be displayed anymore for all the following pages.

    To enable the Page introduction go to (Admin / Personal data / Preferences) and then enable the "Show page introduction", as shown below.

    Show page introduction

    Figure 2.5. Show page introduction

  • In many places of the system, inline help is available. It is indicated by the icon . To see the help, just place your mouse over the icon.

    Inline help

    Figure 2.6. Inline help

  • User guide. This is a help manual, available via the "Need help?" menu.

  • Contact our support team. If you have any question, don't hesitate to ask at support@babelway.com. We'll answer you promptly. The link is also accessible via the "Need help?" menu.

  • Babelway Academy. Training presented by a Babelway expert. Click on the "Need help?" menu then select Babelway Academy.

  • Tips & Tricks. For common FAQ. Click in the "Need help?" menu to access then select Tips & Tricks.

  • Help us improve. If at any time, you have some feedback or suggestion about the interface, you can send it to us by clicking the Help us improve button, which can be found at the right of the interface.

    Help us improve

    Figure 2.7. Help us improve

  • You’ll be navigated to the dashboard of “suggest a feature for Babelway” page like the screen shot below:

    Make A Suggestion

    Figure 2.8. Make A Suggestion

  • (1) Make A Suggestion: On that tab you can submit your suggestion. After suggesting your feature, it will appear on “Requests you want” tab as you are the owner of the request. Also it will appear to others on “Requested by others” tab so they can vote for it.

  • (2) Requested by others: On that tab you can check the suggestions requested by others before. You can click on a suggestion to check its thread, and comment also on the selected thread if you like.

  • (3) Requests you want: On that tab you can find the features you suggested before, also you can find the suggestions you are interested in.

  • You can search for a request by writing its title on the “search requests” bar on the top right side of the page.

  • You can check the upcoming planned features by clicking on “what’s Coming?” tab on the left bar.

  • Also you can check the releases by clicking on “Releases” tab on the left bar or pressing on “what’s new?” on the top right side of the page.