4.8.3. Editing routings from channels section

It is also possible to edit the routing rules directly from the channel detail screen.

The edition is done exactly like in the routing detail screen. There are only a few differences, that will be explained here.

Edit routing in channel detail

Figure 4.256. Edit routing in channel detail

The main difference is that this screen is channel-centric, while the routing detail screen is routing-centric.

  • All the routings in which the channel is involved will be detailed.
  • The rules that apply to the current channel will be emphasized. They have a blue background.
Routing page selected background

Figure 4.257. Routing page selected background

Note: The routing changes don't change the status of the channel to be "Apply changes" but needs to be deployed to push the changes into production, so you should deploy your environment after any changes in the routing.